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“Greetings to the management team! My wife and I wanted to send you a note about one of your stores. On 6/25/23 at about 730pm, we stopped at the Shell Station in Dublin, 4895 Hacienda Dr.
1. The restrooms were spotless…rarely have we seen restrooms taken care of so well.
2. Shelves were clean, well organized, and the selection was wide and varied.
3. Employees on site were friendly, professional, and available. Adam and one more whose name I can’t remember.

We stopped with the intent of using the restroom and getting Tylenol. We ended up buying snacks including the Chamoy gummies, something interesting and unique.  Sounds a little silly, but we’d definitely recommend and return in the future!”
Hacienda Shell Custome  August 2023

“Hi there, I was recently at your gas station on 6400 Dublin Blvd and I thought your facility was spectacular! Thanks so much for maintaining the restrooms so well and for the courteousness of your staff.”
Dublin Chevron Customer    August 2023 

“CFS is the best. Very clean restrooms! Stay awesome.”
Happy CFS Customer   August 2023 

“I wanted to praise the location at 3192 Santa Rita Rd in Pleasanton CA.Their bathroom was fresh and clean. They went beyond and had fragrance, decor, tables and lovely music. It was great!”
Santa Rita Valero Customer   August 2023 

“I stopped off at the Dublin store near the freeway off Dougherty and Dublin Blvd to purchase gas and snacks.  I also used the restroom.  I noticed the restroom was extremely clean and orderly.  In fact, I made a comment to the clerk that the restroom was well managed.  It should be noted I never comment about the restroom facilities.  In any case, kudos to the staff and cox Family Stores
Dublin Chevron Customer   August 2023 

“Outstanding elegance at this location.Ladies room seemed like a resort bathroom. Fresh flowers at the front counter, Beautiful!!!”
Ruby Hill Chevron   August 2023 

“Without a doubt, the nicest filling station/store that I’ve experienced in my 66 years.  The restroom rivaled that of many fine dining restaurants.  Restrooms tell all when it comes to judging the true character and pride of owner/operators of any and all businesses.  You all are obviously proud of what you do and what you present to the public. Bravo!  Hoping you’re wildly successful.  I have no doubt that you are.”
Kings Beach Chevron   August 2023 

“Hi! Just wanted to reach out and praise you on a job well done with the Hacienda Crossings gas station. The extra touch was amazing. I usually refuse to use gas station restrooms due to the uncleanliness of them. My husband stopped to pump gas and I ran to the restroom. It was clean, inviting and it felt like I was using the restroom in a spa. There was background music playing  and when I washed my hands the soap smelled so good. I was really amazed. Well done!!!”
Hacienda Shell Customer   July 2023

“Dear Cox Family Stores,
I found your store on Alcosta road to be the cleanest I have ever seen.  I filled my tank on a trip from Ukiah to Fresno on Sunday afternoon and used the restrooms.  In this day of just doing the minimal to get by, it was wonderful to see how your store and staff are doing their best to make a pleasant experience.  I wish you had stores in the Fresno area so I could fill near where I live. 

Once again, thanks for going the extra mile in making a nice, clean store!”
Alcosta Shell Customer   July 2023 

“Good morning! We just went to your store in Dublin and it was the cleanest, fanciest, most delightful shell station and store I’ve ever been to. The atmosphere was calming, the staff was friendly, and the selection was excellent.”
Hacienda She’ll Customer   July 2023

“Hello. We stopped at your Tahoe city store for a bathroom break and to grab snacks. I’m driving 5 little kids to the boat show and it was taxing. I was dubious about letting the kids use a gas station bathroom but it was super nice. The staff was really friendly and it wasn’t forced. It was just who they are. The manager made silly jokes and the cashier helped everyone find everything. 

You guys are a breath of fresh air. I will be back next time.”
Tahoe City Shell Customer   July 2023 

“Good morning, I stopped by the Chevron (39 East Vineyard/Isabel rd) because I needed to use the restroom.  I really don’t like to use the gas station facilities because you never know what condition they will be in but I really needed to go.  I just wanted to tell you that the restroom I used was so clean and stocked, I was so happy.  One of the cleanest bathrooms I have ever used at a gas station.  Whomever is in charge over there and whomever keeps the restroom facilities cleaned should be given raises. 😁

Thank you”
Ruby Hill Chevron Customer  July 2023 

“Restroom was clean and well stocked.  Very nice atmosphere. Shelves appeared well stocked.”
Hopyard Shell Customer    July 2023 

“Good afternoon, I’m very satisfied with you guys for that fact the station is having being remodeled. I’m impressed that despite being a small store the customer service is fantastic and the snack selection is great. Although I wasn’t able to greet Annie who I usually chat with because she was carrying boxes in and out with another lady, I appreciate the dedication and work ethic of the employees. 

Thank you and keep up the good work!”
Diablo Chevron Customer    June 2023 

“I travel between Home in Livermore and work in San Ramon. I always go out of my way to stop at your gas stations. They are always spotless, friendly staff, great array of items, and super sparkly clean bathrooms! To my surprise today, I found one in Livermore! Once again, totally spotless, everything fully stocked, clean bathrooms, and Maria and Sandra were absolutely adorable, and so helpful! They were busy cleaning when I arrived, but took the time to help me find what I needed. Thank you for continuing to maintain all of your stations. Your loyal customer”
Ruby Hill Chevron Customer    June 2023 

“I just wanted to say you have such nice gas station. Your tv says good notes and organic coffee. Your restroom looks nice with all details and beautiful music everywhere. Organic snacks , Unreal candies . I’m just fascinated, thank you for having such gas station.”
Alcosta Shell Customer    June 2023

“Hello I recently visit your store on the way to the airport. I walked in and the staff Jeff and Sandra were extremely polite and helpful. Also I wanted to complement the cleanliness of store and bathrooms. Keep up the good work, I will be making this a stopping place when I travel. Thank you!”

“Good afternoon, I’m very satisfied with you guys for that fact the station is having being remodeled. I’m impressed that despite being a small store the customer service is fantastic and the snack selection is great. Although I wasn’t able to greet Annie who I usually chat with because she was carrying boxes in and out with another lady, I appreciate the dedication and work ethic of the employees. 

Thank you and keep up the good work!”
Diablo Chevron Customer    June 2023 

“I travel between Home in Livermore and work in San Ramon. I always go out of my way to stop at your gas stations. They are always spotless, friendly staff, great array of items, and super sparkly clean bathrooms! To my surprise today, I found one in Livermore! Once again, totally spotless, everything fully stocked, clean bathrooms, and Maria and Sandra were absolutely adorable, and so helpful! They were busy cleaning when I arrived, but took the time to help me find what I needed. Thank you for continuing to maintain all of your stations. Your loyal customer”
Ruby Hill Chevron Customer    June 2023 

“I just wanted to say you have such nice gas station. Your tv says good notes and organic coffee. Your restroom looks nice with all details and beautiful music everywhere. Organic snacks , Unreal candies . I’m just fascinated, thank you for having such gas station.”
Alcosta Shell Customer    June 2023

“Hello I recently visit your store on the way to the airport. I walked in and the staff Jeff and Sandra were extremely polite and helpful. Also I wanted to complement the cleanliness of store and bathrooms. Keep up the good work, I will be making this a stopping place when I travel. Thank you!”
Hacienda Shell Customer    June 2023 


“I am a frequent customer at your San Ramon store on Crow Canyon Road and I wanted to let you know that two of your employees absolutely shine there. They are Mark and Najma!!!! These two are absolutely amazing people!!!! I always stop to have a conversation with each of them and they have been faithfully working for you for years. They are both delightful people that make coming into your store a treat!!!!! If I could advocate for you to give them a bonus, then I gladly will!!!!”
San Ramon Shell Customer     June 2023 

“Hi – my daughter desperately needed to use the restroom. The person that greeted us was friendly and polite. The restrooms were beautifully clean. Thank you so much – my girls said in the car “best gas station restrooms ever!”
Happy CFS Customer     June 2023

“You did an excellent job with the restroom at Hopyard and Owens. My wife is an interior designer, and your restroom design was just great — modern, uncluttered, welcoming. More like at a good restaurant than at a gas station. And you were able to train the staff to keep it clean! That’s no small accomplishment.

This is a big deal. So many places don’t pay attention to these kinds of issues. I’ll preferentially stop by Cox Family Stores when I have the choice. I do appreciate your intelligent and sensitive attention to details such as this.”
Hopyard Shell Customer     May 2023 

“I visited Lake Tahoe last weekend and made a stop at one of your gas stations. The store had the cleanest bathroom I’ve ever seen at a gas station. I want to thank the staff for a great experience. Have a great day.”
Tahoe Customer     May 2023 


“Hello, We just visited the LIVERMORE store location to buy a few items and used the restroom. Wow!!! The restroom is so beautiful and the cleanest, nicest public restroom I’ve ever been in. Even the music was amazing. The selection of items in the store was impressive too. 

Thank you for providing such a welcoming place for travelers. Wish you had some in Santa Cruz County :)”
Ruby Hill Chevron Customer     May 2023 

“Dear Owner/Manager, 

I hope this email finds you in good health and high spirits. My name is William Brown, and I am writing to express my sincere appreciation for the outstanding customer service I recently experienced at your Chevron gas station at Fallon

On May 21 night, I had the pleasure of interacting with one of your sales staff members, Raj who truly went above and beyond to ensure my visit was exceptional. From the moment I stepped foot in your establishment, I was greeted with a warm smile and genuine enthusiasm, which instantly made me feel welcome.

What stood out most to me was his exceptional knowledge his smile and willingness to assist me. He patiently listened to my inquiries and provided detailed explanations regarding the needs and other options available, helping me make an informed decision. Not only did he demonstrate expertise, but they also exhibited a remarkable level of professionalism and friendliness throughout our interaction.

I was also impressed by the cleanliness and organization of your gas station. One of the cleanest wash room i ever visited in any gas station till date. It was evident that your staff takes pride in maintaining a well-kept environment, which further enhanced my positive experience. The efficient service, coupled with the clean facilities, exemplified your commitment to providing a top-notch customer experience.

In an industry where customer service often goes unnoticed, I firmly believe that acknowledging exceptional employees is vital.  Staff’s embodies the values and standards that make a visit to your gas station an absolute pleasure. His dedication to ensuring customer satisfaction is truly commendable and sets an excellent example for others to follow.

As a loyal customer, I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude for having such a remarkable team member on board. I believe it is crucial to recognize and appreciate outstanding efforts, as they contribute immensely to fostering a positive image for your establishment.

Once again, please extend my heartfelt thanks to Raj for his unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional customer service. It is individuals like him who elevate the experience of visiting your gas station and make it stand out from the rest.

Thank you for your attention to this matter, and please be assured that I will continue to choose your gas station for my basic needs based on the exceptional service I have received. I wish you continued success in all your future endeavors.”
Fallon Chevron Customer     May 2023 

“To whom it may concern:

This gas station store is really great. All employees are very friendly. They always keep the restroom very clean which I have never observe in other gas stations.  I always feel to stop by on my way to San Jose from Tracy, this Cox Family Store at Livermore.”
Ruby Hill Chevron Customer     May 2023 

“Hi! i saw your cards in the restroom in dublin this weekend and wanted to compliment you –from the table to the plant to the appliances and the jazz music, this was such a treat. probably the nicest “gas station” restroom i have ever encountered, and wanted to let you know how appreciative i am of that!”
Hacienda Shell Customer     May 2023 

“I stopped to use the bathroom and buy some road trip snacks. The bathroom was clean, smelled good and good quality paper towels. The decor was not your typical gas station bathroom, was more a bathroom a modern home would have.”
Happy CFS Customer    April 2023 

“I just bought gas and use the restroom at the Valero station on Santa Rita road. As always everything was clean, even the restroom. What a relief. The first time I came here I needed to put air in my tires, get gas, and use the restroom. The station satisfied all my needs – even the air supply worked –  and ever since then, whenever I’m in Pleasanton, if I need gas at all I come by here.”
Santa Rita Valero.   April 2023 

“To whom it may concern:

I recently visited your Hopyard Road station and wanted you to know that your bathroom there was one of the cleanest public bathrooms that I’ve ever seen.

Very nice and much appreciated!”
Hopyard Shell Customer    April 2023 

“Great service & cleanest bathroom I have ever seen at a gas station”
Happy CFS Customer    April 2023 

“Hi CoxFamily, This is a reply to a ‘How are we doing card?’ I picked up.  I drive for Uber Eats, and when I am out on the road in the Dublin and Pleasanton area, I prefer to stop at your stations. The rest areas are always clean and well stocked. Even the music is nice. I always find refreshments I like.  Each store is truly an oasis!”
Happy CFS Customer     April 2023 

“Hello, I think many people are like me that when getting into a gas station store, we are used to seeing dirty floors, messy shelves and staffers giving customers a I-do-not-care-whther-you-are-coming-or-not face.
Happy CFS Customer     April 2023 

“Last Sunday my family and I stopped at your Hacienda Dr, Dublin store. One scene immediately caught my attention. A staff kneed on the ground cleaning up the already shiny floor. when we were in the restroom, my eight year old son said, “this is the best gas station bathroom I’ve ever used.” I said, “me too.” Originally we didn’t plan to buy anything. But when we were touring this nice store, partially out of our appreciation, we decided to buy a jar of ice cream. The guy who was cleaning up the floor was the cashier when we paid for the ice cream. We forgot to ask for his name. I think he is white. He has a pair of round eyes.  Congratulations to you for having hardworking staffers and such a nice store.”
Hacienda Shell Customer     March 2023

“The bathroom at Shell on Hacienda in Dublin. Let me say this.”That bathroom is very beautiful, clean, and smells so good.. just loved it..”
Hacienda Shell Customer      March 2023

“I come here quiet often and it’s the cleanest and most organized gas station with the nicest people. Maria, Cesar, Bhagwati, Orlando are always greeting everyone with a smile. I’ll be having a rough day at work but when I stop here for whatever I need their positive energy always brightens the day. There’s not another gas station this nice or has employees as good as this in California, beyond expectations.”
Ruby Hill Chevron Customer      March 2023 

“I just want to share how surprised I was when I used your restroom at Shell gas station at 5933 Dougherty Road in Dublin. It was not only clean but a touch of decor inside the restroom was really very pleasing and welcoming. Thank you for putting an extra effort on making your costumers feel so welcomed and valued. I want to specifically mention how one of your employee, Chona, was very accommodating to costumers.”
Dougherty Road Shell Customer      March 2023 

“This store/gas station is very well maintained, restrooms are immaculate (can not say that about any gas station bathrooms!!!) Keith, Isabel and Carmen are always friendly and helpful, I hope you never lose any of them as employees.”
Kings Beach ChevronFebruary 2023

“I just wanted to give a shout out for your store on Diablo Road in Danville.  We drive between Tahoe City and Palo Alto often and It’s the most pleasant stop.  Apparently, Noemi has a lot to do with keeping it clean and fresh — almost as homey as home.  We make a plan to stop there and pick up some snacks for the trip east.”
Diablo Chevron Customer     February 2023

“I stopped at your gas/convenience store on Hwy 28 just before turning onto 267 for Northstar resort and want to extend a huge appreciation for the nice bathrooms and the neat, clean store in general. I liked it so much I made a point of stopping in a couple days later and both sets of employees were helpful and  polite. Such a refreshing experience and I bought stuff each time to show support.”
Tahoe City Shell Customer     February 2023

“Hello, I visited your 6400 Dublin Blvd store yesterday and was very impressed. The store was neat and clean, well organized, and the cashier was nice. The bathroom was one of the very nicest I’ve ever seen at any gas station or even restaurant!

Thank you for having such high standards. What a breath of fresh air. 

Thanks again.”
Dublin Chevron Customer     February 2023

 “Hello, I walked into your Shell location in Dublin off Hacienda. Commendation to the staff for maintaining a clean bathroom. It is the cleanest bathroom I’ve stepped foot into at a gas station . Smelled nice and was super clean . I appreciate this. Thank you!”
Hacienda Shell Customer     February 2023

 “Dear Cox Family Stores Team,

Thank you so so much for a wonderful experience at the Chevron in Danville!

The bathroom was extremely well taken care of, making many restaurant bathrooms look bad in comparison! The staff was lovely as well. Thank you so so much, please don’t change a thing!”
Diablo Chevron Customer     February 2023

“My family and I come from Elk Grove Ca every December to shop in San Jose/ Santa Clara . Your Ruby Hill Chevron is the only store we like to stop by to gas up,get snacks, and use the lavatory.  The bathrooms are always very clean and  the employees always kind.  I get snacks my husband gets hot tea and popcorn and the kids slushees.  Thanks for having a very welcoming business for us to stop in.  Margie was there today very welcoming with a beautiful smile.”
Ruby Hill Chevron Customer     February 2023

“I hardly take the time to submit comments like these, but I want to tell you how impressed I was when I used your bathroom. It felt like a spa experience or that I was in a high end hotel. Everything was very clean in the store and the attendants were very friendly. I think it is rare when a person does not forget a convenience store. The store I visited was the store in Livermore. Thank you for your excellent service.”
Ruby Hill Chevron Customer     January 2023

“Hello, I stopped into your store at Hacienda Crossings to use the restroom and buy a Gatorade. I travel a long distance for work and sometimes it’s hard to find a restroom, let alone a clean one. Your facilities were clean and everyone in the store seemed friendly. Greatly appreciated.”
Hacienda Shell Customer     January 2023

“Best gas station bathrooms I’ve ever seen.  Clean, spacious, comfortable.  The table and plant is a nice touch.  Smell great.  Also from a practical standpoint, I think these things motivate  people to clean up after themselves more.  If I lived nearby, the thought and effort you’ve put into this would make me a loyal customer and this would become “my” gas station.”
Fallon Chevron Customer     January 2023

“Thank you for your very clean bathroom at Kings Beach, Lake Tahoe. Much Appreciated.”
Kings Beach Chevron     January 2023 

“You absolutely do have the most excellent amazing store restrooms in the whole world !!”
Happy CFS Customer January 2023 

“I just wanted to say that your bathroom at the Danville Chevron was very very nice and well kept. And it was the nicest public bathroom I’ve been in my entire life. And thank you for the experience! 🙂 keep it up!”
Diablo Chevron Customer     January 2023 

“Hello 👋 I am writing you this letter to inform you that I was very, very, very happy with the store bathroom. It was 

very, very, very clean. I have never entered a gas station store that is as clean as your store. It was clean and smells so good. Places like yours deserves to be recognized. The staff, Maria and Erika, was so so good as well. Everything was clean, counter tops, coffee area and the whole place was so clean. They we busy in the store, they had smiles on their faces with welcome hearts ❤️. This was my first time stopping at the store. I am a  very happy customer. Thank you for keeping us happy with a clean place like home.”
Fallon Chevron Customer     January 2023

“This may be the best business bathroom I’ve been in…best Gas Station bathroom for sure….😊Thanks…😊
Santa Rita Valero Customer  January 2023

“Just wanted to say that was the nicest gas station restroom I’ve ever seen. Good work. Adam at the Dublin Dougherty location is great.–“
Dougherty Shell Customer     December 2022

“I just recently came back from a vacation and the bathroom at this location is comparable to the public restrooms at the five star resort that I had visited. So clean and comfortable. I’m so glad to have stumbled into this Cox Family Store location that I’ve been sharing my experience with everyone.”
Fallon Chevron Customer  December 2022

“What nice Clean restrooms!!

The store is clean well organized. Very nice attendant as well! 10+ stars thank You!”
Dougherty Road Shell Custome  November 2022

“Hi, I just wanted to send a note of gratitude for your kind and friendly cashier. I appreciated the clean restroom with water art and spa like music. This will be a pit stop to remember for many years to come!”
Ruby Hill Chevron Customer   November 2022

“I just stopped at your Diablo Shell and was so impressed that I wanted to let you know. Juan was super pleasant and the bathroom was impeccable. I was feeling car sick and stopped to buy a beverage. Juan kindly helped me pick something and the bathroom made me feel like I stepped into a meditation room!!! Thanks to you and Juan 💜💜💜–“
Diablo Chevron Customer   November 2022

“Hello. Your Kings Beach, CA location has the nicest bathrooms and the most friendly staff!!!”
Kings Beach Chevron Custome  November 2022

“Kudos to Fallon Chevron. I’m a frequent customer at this location…getting gas, car wash and, sometimes, visiting/shopping inside the store. It’s close to home and the shops like Target, Luckys, Starbucks, etc. At this visit last Mon. 1/23rd, after pumping my gas  I had to visit the women’s restroom. Compared to others at Chevron locations, this one is always kept clean. It’s like going into mine or visiting family/friend’s’ bathroom. Your Cox store offers a variety of items to purchase from food/drinks to other miscellaneous items. If I need assistance whether inside or outside, employees here are always helpful and smiling. I can name a few: Juan(took care of my store purchase)/Olga/mgr Kamala. 

Thank you for being my frequent go-to Chevron station.”
Fallon Chevron Customer    November 2022

“Hi, regarding your Livermore store on East Vineyard Ave. I travel to Palo Altostc quite regularly and always look forward to stopping at your well run gas station and store. I especially appreciate the clean restroom and polite employees. It’s rare you find pride in ownership anymore.”
Ruby Hill Chevron   October 2022 

“I was at the Shell station in Dublin last weekend during a week-long Northern California road trip. It was so refreshing to have such a nice and clean gas station bathroom! And Sylvia was very friendly! Thank you!”
Alcosta Shell Customer     October 2022 

“Kudos pls to your cashier for her continuous great customer service. I got gas at Pump #5 yesterday afternoon around 2 PM. This time, as I always ask for a receipt by tapping on “yes” on the screen, I was directed to see cashier. Maria was prompt to retrieve my receipt. As always, she’s smiling and we carry a quick conversation like old friends/family. There are times, I’ll go inside to use your exceptionally clean women’s restroom & purchase items in the store or play the mega, the Lotto, etc. And I have Maria handling my transactions. Or Maria will check the carwash lane to let me know if it’s super busy. I’m not fond of waiting in the heat. So, Maria suggests to come early in the morning. And I do. 

Yes! I’m a regular Chevron customer at this Chevron location. And after my encounter again with Maria, I would like Cox Family Stores to recognize Maria for her great customer service. I made sure that I had her complete name, asking her to write it on your business card. Thank you, Maria.”
Fallon Chevron Customer.   October 2022 

“I had a very pleasant experience at this location this morning. Unfortunately I had to make use of the restroom and was pleasantly surprised at its new location (since I last used the facilities there more than 20 years ago!) inside the store. 

It was very clean, and the artwork provided nice thoughts to ponder at the start of my workday. Two thumbs up!”
Diablo Chevron Customer     September 2022 

“If you aim is to have the most beautiful/clean gas station bathroom in all of the US! Bravo- you’ve done it. 

I appreciate the effort! Well done.”
Ruby Hill Chevron Customer.   September 2022 

“Your employee was helpful. Restroom was clean but malodorous. Room freshener or disinfectant would improve the experience.”
Tahoe City Customer     September 2022 

“I absolutely LOVE Cox Family Stores!!!  Always clean, friendly, excellent choice of foods and beverages!! Thank You for what you do, if I need to use the restroom or get snacks, I’ll always choose a gas station with a Cox Family Store.”
Santa Rita Shell CustomerAugust 2022

“To whom it may concern,

During my recent drive up North, I happen to stop into the Cox Family Stores 2760 Dublin Blvd/ Fallon Rd location. I was so impressed by the cleanliness and kindness of the staff especially Sunny and Ericka that I needed to make this praise.”
Fallon Chevron Customer    August 2022

“Hello Cox Family! My wife and I recently moved to Ruby Hills and we often take walks and every time we do we stop by your gas station and it’s always so clean, has such great variety in the convenience store, and most importantly the staff is super friendly and kind. I wanted to just send a message to you to let you know that this location is awesome. Maria, Tonya, and Sharif are all our favorites. Thought I would just drop a note. Cheers!”
Ruby Hill Chevron Customer.  August 2022

“Hello! I just wanted to send a note to say that this store is so well-kept and excellently taken care of! Wow! The bathroom was so clean and nice, it felt like a spa.

Thank you to you and your staff for taking great care for customers!”
Ruby Hill Chevron Customer  July 2022  

“Good evening, today I was in the gas station that is located in Diablo Chevron! And I was so extremely impressed on how clean the bathroom was. It seemed like a mini grocery store. Usually I’d find this type of service at a Whole Foods or something but I absolutely loved it, Adam and Annie were great too. Adam was nice and a fast cashier and Annie helped me find what I was looking for. I congratulate and thank you for having such a nice store! will definitely leave 5 stars”
Diablo Chevron Customer   July 2022

“Hey, I had the pleasure of visiting the fallon store today after fueling my car, and I just wanted to share it was the best bathroom experience I ever had at a similar location. The bathroom was clean, welcoming, smelled good, played cozy music and just felt all around great. Well done! People working in the store at the time were Sunny and Ericka.

Visiting from Sweden and heading back home tomorrow, so was our final fueling stop.”
Fallon Chevron Customer   July 2022 

“Just a note to let you know I have been in your Vineyard Rd. store probably 20 or 30 times.  I’m a driver for Central Valley Auto in Modesto. The folks who work in this store are always very courteous a d helpful. One who stands out is Margie whom I have spoken to many times, always smiling and very helpful, something most employees don’t offer anymore.

Just thought I’d drop a note to tell you how much I appreciate her.”
Ruby Hill Chevron   July 2022 

“Hello, You have very nice bathrooms in the Shell gas station on 5933 Dougherty Rd. I like how much work you put into your food marts and bathrooms.”
Dougherty Road Shell Customer   July 2022 

“I was just in the bathroom at the Shell station at 5251 Hopyard Rd. in Pleasanton. It is by far the nicest bathroom I have ever been in in a gas station, and even nicer than some restaurants. Thank you so much for the clean and beautiful restroom, complete with a plant.

You have set a new standard and I hope others follow!”
Hopyard Shell Customer    July 2022 


“Hello, Just wanted to give some very positive feedback for the Danville location. This store is always so nice that I always come back to it.  Recently I REALLY loved the addition of the plastic gas mitts. This took an already great gas station and made it even better. Silvia gave me this card when I gave her my feedback on the gas mitts, so if she’s the manager or anything, she’s doing a great job.”
Diablo Chevron Customer.   June 2022 


“Hi, Just a note of appreciation, on how your employee Silvia at the 8999 San Ramon Rd location is doing all of the right interactions with customers.  She greets them when they walk in. Listens and looks them in the eye and answers questions about the product and the company, all with a smile. I’ve worked in Customer Service for 40 years and consulted on teaching these skills.  It is rare these days to see any level employee with the skills that Silvia demonstrates with customers.  You know Customers can go anywhere to get these services but when you treat people with true interest and care, it shows.I don’t know if it is your company’s specific training programs, or if it is just Silvia’s background from other work, but hoping you use her as a training example of how to interact with every customer that enters all your stores. Keep up the good work!”
Alcosta Shell Customer    June 2022 


“I’m writing today that Silvia offered exceptional service at Diablo Chevron store off 680”
Diablo Chevron Customer    June 2022 


“Hi, I wanted to say thank you for keeping the restroom at your Danville location looking so clean and nice. I used the restroom at this location yesterday and was blown away. I’ve never used a gas station bathroom that was as clean and well maintained as the one at your Danville location. Kudos to Silvia who was on site for taking care of her guests. Good people are hard to find and she was not only pleasant, but made the place look great!”
Diablo Chevron Customer     June 2022  


“Hi there,
I am writing to you because I thought both the bathroom and store at 3192 Santa Rita Road Valero Gas Station was EXTREMELY clean.
I will always prefer going to Cox Family Store gas stations because of the CLEANLINESS! 

Thank you and hope you have a great day.”
Santa Rita Valero Customer     June 2022 


“Hello! I visited 39 East Vineyard Ave/Isabel Rd (Hwy 84) and had a great experience! The bathrooms were so beautiful and clean. Farah helped us at the counter and she was very kind and helpful. I could tell she really cares about the customer experience! The other man who was working was lovely as well. Everything was lovely at your store and it made me happy to have stopped there on my road trip. Thank you for the wonderful rest stop.”
Ruby Hill Chevron Customer   June 2022


“I just wanted to reach out and say that the chevron bathroom at Kings Beach in North Shore Tahoe was the best public bathroom that I’ve been in. Extremely clean, smelled good, paper was stocked and it just looked nice all around. Thanks so much!”
Kings Beach Beach Chevron Customer    May 2022 


“Hi, just dropping a note to say how impressed I am with your remodel of the Santa Rita road store. The bathroom is pretty swanky for a gas station!  Very nice and appreciate how clean it is. While I missed using my 7-11 points, this is a great improvement.  I would love to see flavored coffee again in hot containers. Coffee here is often luke warm and I have to add hot water or zap it. 

Tanya is awesome and super friendly.”
Santa Rita Valero Customer    May 2022 


“I had just been suffering through my Wife Shopping at the Livermore Premium Outlets and didn’t need gas but needed a SNICKERS bar.  When stopping at the light to reenter the freeway on the way to San Jose.  I went in, couldn’t find the SNICKERS but went to the bathroom.  I was SHOCKED how nice, clean and FANCY your bathroom was.  Saw your basket of “How are we doing?” cards.  Went out and found the SNICKERS bars and went to pay.

The guy behind the counter was friendly. I complemented him on his Fabulous Bathroom and told him “How are we doing?” Your doing great.  He smiled and chuckled and sold me my Snickers bars.”
Fallon Chevron Customer    May 2022 


“Hello, I just want to tell you that we busted your Danville store last week while on a roadtrip from Oregon. It was a pleasure to see how clean your bathroom and pumps were!!  Please keep up the good work! We really appreciated it after a long trip and seeing so many other gas stations that were not up to your standards

You guys really stand out!!”
Diablo Chevron Customer    May 2022 

“The restroom in your chevron on Hopyard is the nicest and cleanest restroom I’ve ever seen in a gas station!  Well Done!”
Hopyard Shell Customer     May 2022 

“Hello, I am just writing to tell you that my experience at your Shell Station at 3048 Crow Canyon Road, in San Ramon was exceptional.  My company purchases gas gift cards for underprivileged students attending the local community colleges.  I purchased 60 $50.00 gift cards, which is time-consuming as the cards are scanned one by one.  I wanted to acknowledge your employee, Xmenia who was very polite, cheerful, patient and helpful. Thank you!”
San Ramon Shell Customer   May 2022


“On a roadtrip on April 20, 2022. After stopping at a couple of places for a restroom, one locked up the other not available (at a Taco Bell!), we pulled into a Chevron gas station on North Lake Blvd. in Kings Beach, CA. I only use Chevron gas in my vehicle, so it was perfect. Oh my gosh, have never seen a restroom like that in a gas station, or anywhere else for that matter; unless in a nice restaurant. Picked up one of your cards on the way out and felt I needed to let you know about our experience. Appreciated and certainly not expected!”
Kings Beach Beach Chevron Customer    April 2022 


“The Store that connects to the Chevron off Fallon in Dublin, CA is absolutely like a spa. I was having a rough week- some bad news- and I stopped in last Friday. Bathroom was spotless, nice orchestral music playing, chips on the shelves all aligned in a row… no gross gunk in any corners. It was completely spotless, orderly, with even fresh flowers in a vase… The whole experience was pleasing and calming in a moment when I didn’t know that was what I needed. Bizarre to get a spa feeling from a convenience store- but I did. The lady behind the counter was also very nice. Quite literally the most pleasant convenience store I have ever been inside. Kudos!”
Fallon Chevron Custome    April 2022 


“Hi there!
A few weekends ago, I was driving through San Ramon and stopped at your store to pickup some ice. I took 3 bags at first, and your cashier, who’s name is Adam I believe, was so kind to let me take the large stack of ice to my car before I paid for it. It is the little kindnesses like this that makes world better. Great choice with Adam!”
San Ramon Shell Customer     April 2022


Hello, I would like to compliment Silvia and Tanya for the friendly service, and also comment on the clean and nice restrooms. Thank you!
Ruby Hill Chevron Customer    April 2022 


“This is one of the best gasoline stations I’ve seen. We had to use the restroom and they are so nice and clean. Even the music is a nice touch. I’ve never been in a gasoline station restroom this nice. I just wanted to let you know.”
Ruby Hill Chevron Customer    April 2022 


“I wanted to compliment you and your staff on an outstanding experience I had in one of your locations. 

Earlier today, March 6, 2022, I stopped in to the Dublin store on Dougherty Rd and Dublin Blvd. I went in to utilize the restroom, and grab a quick breakfast snack. Stepping into the restroom I was immediately taken in by the elegance, not to mention the cleanliness. Wow! I had to remind myself I was at a filling station, with the music and aromatic fragrance used for the deodorizer, felt like I was in a hotel or fancy restaurant. Quite the experience for just a quick stop.

Elizabeth was the attendant this morning, and she only added to the niceness of your establishment! Excellent customer service and very friendly! The entire location from outside to the counter space was exceptionally clean and very well maintained!

Thank you again for all your and your staff’s efforts!  Job well done!”
Dublin Chevron Customer  March 2022


“Your stores and restrooms are spotless and well decorated – every time I use them!! I always buy something too!  I just wanted you to know. Thank you.”
CFS Customer   March 2022


“Hello, I just wanted to let your company know that I visited your station on Diablo Road today and your bathroom was the most beautiful I have ever seen.  I was traveling home from Gilroy after a week of work travel and the area did not have many options.

I’ve been in outside sales management for many years and have traveled all over west of the Mississippi, so I was very impressed.  In addition, Silvio was a charming and cheerful member of your team and a great example of someone who enjoys what she does and makes her customers feel happy.  Have a good weekend.”
Diablo Chevron Customer    February 2022

“Bathroom was cleanliness exemplary!–Best Regards”
Happy CFS Customer    February 2022

“Praise! My car doors somehow locked at the pump yesterday and I was stranded with no phone, phone numbers, etc. for an hour at your San Ramon/Dublin Store (8999 San Ramon Rd. Your employee was so gracious and helpful, looking up AAA for me and loaning me the phone, etc. 

As I had time to look around your store, I want you to know how surprised I was to find so many useful things for sale! 

Even more than that was the fact that you had organic coffee, art in the very clean bathroom and wonderful positive messages on the screen!

I want to thank you for being a business owner because I really felt that you care about your customer’s well being. And, I want you to know that it shows! I was impressed! Thank you.”
Alcosta Shell Customer    February  2022


“I stopped at your Hopyard Rd Shell Station Friday afternoon, and really needed to use the restroom.  Your people were most kind, but most important is that it was undoubtedly the cleanest and most nicely furnished rest room I have ever seen in a gas station! Very impressive … “
Hopyard Shell Customer    January 2022


“The bathroom at 6400 Dublin Blvd is always immaculate when I visit. There store is always clean and organized.”
Dublin Chevron Customer    January 2022


 “Cox Family Stores, I’m writing to praise your employee Sylvia at your Danville store. My wife and I stopped to gas up and use your public restroom there today. Sylvia had just cleaned it, and it was one of the nicest and cleanest convenience store bathrooms we’ve ever seen! She greeted us with a smile and a hearty Hello.

She’s a credit to your company, and we’ll stop in again the next time we’re traveling through Danville! Thanks to you and Sylvia for a great experience!
Diablo Chevron Customer    December 2021


“Thanks for providing the cleanest bathrooms in the bay area and mostly, for not restricting the access to them during the pandemic/ lockdown back in 2020. Im a gardener/landscaper and service a gas station across the street from your  San Ramon Rd/ Acosta Rd store and yet, I use and support your store every time I can/ need. Thanks again, and great job!”
Alcosta Shell Customer   December 2021


“Friendly staff and the nicest gas station bathroom ever!”
Kings Beach Customer    November 2021


“March 1st, I was visiting your store located on 2760 Dublin Blvd. Maria and Farah do a wonderful job keeping the bathroom clean and fresh thank you for providing public bathrooms.”
Fallon Road Chevron    November 2021


“My family was heading to out towards Yosemite for the weekend.  After only traveling 30 minutes our almost 3 year old needed to use the restroom.  We quickly pulled into your store on Hacienda Dr and to my pleasant surprise we dashed into a spectacularly clean restroom!!!!! We’ve been taking a lot of road-trips lately, frequenting many restrooms to accommodate our kids so, please believe me when I say the style & cleanliness of your restrooms and store is extremely rare. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Your culture of excellence is apparent.” 

October 2021


“Visited Reno / Tahoe area from Ohio. Just had to say this was the cleanest store and restroom I’ve seen on my entire trip. Thank you, and keep up the good work!”

Kings Beach Chevron    October 2021 


“Today I had the pleasure of visiting your Danville location and my experience was wonderful. I believe the man working was named Marvin and he was extremely pleasant. I have to say the variety of what is carried is AMAZING!! So many choices, best variety hands down!!” 

Diablo Road Chevron    September 2021 


“Yesterday my family and I were driving back home to San Francisco from a trip to the snow, and our young daughter needed to use the bathroom. We pulled off the highway and into a gas station. I was dreading going inside – usually gas station bathrooms are awful, and during the pandemic, we’ve been so cautious and careful to avoid any place that seems risky. But this one, at a shell station  in Dublin, was fantastic – incredibly clean, with flowers and bright lights, and I felt such relief. It’s funny how something so seemingly small can have such an impact on you!”

Hacienda Shell Customer    September 2021 

“Awesome!  Well run store. Very clean restrooms, so appreciated. Good selection of wine. We were so happy we stopped here!”
Ruby Hill Chevron Customer    August 2021


“I was super impressed by the restrooms.  It was hands down the cleanest public bathroom I’ve ever used. The staff was super friendly as well. You guys are doing a great job!!”
Fallon Chevron Customer     August 2021


“Hi, We stumbled across your store at 6400 Dublin bd/ Dougherty rd for a bathroom/ water break on our drive across California. We couldn’t have dreamed of a better spot. Silvia was friendly and welcoming and the bathroom the cleanest I could imagine in a gas station- competing maybe with a fancy restaurant in design  en cleanliness. Thank you Silvia the Cox Family for making our day happier!”
Dublin Chevron Customer     August 2021


“Just wanted to share my thoughts on how I’m soooooo impressed by the cleanliness of your store and bathroom! Especially during Covid I’m always so discouraged to use gas station’s restroom but I felt like I didn’t have to worry here. JC was awesome and gave great customer service”
Hopyard Shell Customer     August 2021


“I visited your cheveron off of Isabel Rd this Saturday (8/7). I was super impressed with the amazing bathroom and friendly clerks. Great store, was a nice break from the traffic! You have a great team, keep up the good work.”
Ruby Hill Chevron    August 2021


“Hello, I recently spent a weekend at Lake Tahoe; sightseeing. Around 11PM, I stopped at your gas stations to fill up my car. I needed to use the restroom so I decided to use the one inside. Upon walking in the bathroom, I couldn’t believe this was a gas station’s bathroom. I seriously thought I was at an AIRBNB bathroom. Whoever came up w/ the idea to set up the bathroom that way needs a raise. I will only use this gas station to purchase things and use the bathroom whenever I’m in Tahoe City.”
Tahoe City Shell    August 2021


“I visited your Vineyard Ave store yesterday and wanted to share what a pleasure it was and always is when I pass thru Livermore.

Always exceptionally clean and inviting I was greeted by the clerk behind the counter as I entered the store…such a great place. I wish I had his name (it was about 3-3:30pm) but there was a line at his counter when I was leaving the restroom.

Thank you for providing such a great place I know I can trust to be clean and inviting each time I pass thru Livermore on my trips to the Sierras.”???
Ruby Hill Chevron    August 2021


“The store and bathrooms were very clean! The attendant was also very welcoming.”
Diablo Chevron Customer     August 2021


“My family just stopped at the Chevron store in Livermore and I just wanted to compliment the staff on their friendliness and helpfulness. Along with how wonderfully surprised I was at how clean and beautiful the bathrooms are. We had to make this stop as an emergency for a couple of my kids who urgently needed to use the restrooms. It was above and beyond what I could have ever imagined.  Please pass this along. The manager, cashier and man stocking the aisles were all fantastic!”
Ruby Hill Chevron    July 2021


Hey SILVIA, I really appreciate your service !!”
San Ramon Shell    July 2021


“Used your gas station on 7/24. Margie and Tanya were working that day and both were extremely friendly and outgoing. They gave out such a positive vibe and made the store a happy atmosphere. I would also like to say that the bathrooms in that store were extremely clean and shockingly looked like I was using a restroom in a resort. Never have I seen or would I have ever expected facilities to be that nice at a gas station.

Your operations are obviously extremely well run.

Thank you for such a positive experience.”
Ruby Hill Chevron    July 2021


“Hi, I am new to the area having moved to California from Illinois just a week ago. I was at your 4895 Hacienda store today for a car wash and had trouble getting the code for the car wash working. I sought the help of your associate inside the convenient store. The associate Sana was very helpful walking back to the Car wash and typing in the code herself to help me out. I am very impressed with how professional and courteous Sana and your staff was. You have won a repeat customer in me for my car wash and gas needs.”
Hacienda Shell Customer    July 2021


“What a wonderful and clean store. Your employees are amazing and the detail in cleaning your restrooms was fantastic give your employees my deepest heartfelt appreciation”
Fallon Chevron Customer    July 2021


“To Whom It May Concern:

Last month I drove down to LA for my mom’s 85th birthday celebration. On our return trip up highway five we stopped at your Chevron station (see subject line for the exact location). I used your restroom and was so impressed with its cleanliness and beauty. I made a comment about it to the man who was at the cash register and he gave me your:  “How are we doing” card. Gas station restrooms are usually quite dirty and grim. I have never in my almost sixty years of living seen such a clear gas station restroom as the one at this location in Dublin. 

My compliments to you and your family and to the management/crew who do the hands-on work.”
Dublin Chevron Customer     July 2021


“I have traveled all over before, during and after the pandemic. Your bathrooms at this location were immaculate.  It’s nice to not feel disgusted using a toilet or having no toilet paper or paper towels every where.  Great job to you and your team for taking pride of their place of work in this busy tourist season and when help is hard to find! You will get our business every time we are in the area.”
Kings Beach Chevron Customer    July 2021


“Hello, Yesterday morning on 4th July Independence Day I had opportunity to buy gas from your store (39 East Vineyard Ave, Livermore). I filled gas, bought some ice and used your store restroom.

I have never had such a pleasant experience using a gas station in California in past 25 years. Your gas station was extremely clean, the ladies on duty in store were extremely courteous and customer focused, your store restrooms were better than many 4 star hotels! You folks are doing amazing. You are showing how an American business should be run with honesty, integrity, hard work and passion for customer service. Keep up this good work. All the best to your business and your family.”
Ruby Hill Chevron Customer     July 2021



Sorry, but I meant to send this note a few weeks ago.

I want to commend Ms. Chona for great customer service at Chevron Station at 6400 Dublin Blvd on June 25.

I was having problems getting the Chevron Card fuel discount since I started using a recently issued new card at this site.  It happened a couple of times before this date, and the station attendant each time was unaware of the issue.  I was finally referred to Ms. Chona, and she informed me there had been a problem with programming for the new cards, but everything had now been resolved.  To make up for the inconvenience, she gave me a $50 gift card, which I greatly appreciated.  (By the way, one attendant was new, and he wasn’t even aware there should be a discount when using a Chevron credit card, so there may be a training issue.) I had the same problem at other Chevron stations not operated by Cox Family Stores, so the issue was apparently systemic through the Chevron network.

    I also want to commend Cox Family Stores for operating what I think are the cleanest and best maintained Chevron stations in the network.  The store experience very pleasant, and the bathrooms in particular are very clean with pleasant odor and music.  They are much better than most ExtraMile stores, even those operated by Chevron Stations, Inc.  The small touches, such has hand sanitation stations at the pump and the feedback cards, are much appreciated too.  I have one small suggestion:  It would be helpful to use windshield cleaning squeegees with a softer, more pliable rubber edge so I don’t need to use a strong downward force to avoid streaking on the windshield.

    You have earned my loyalty to use your stations for refueling whenever I can.  Thanks for operating your business with excellence!”
Dublin Chevron Customer     June 2021


“When I went into the store I was shocked!!!  Wow!!! The music was pleasant, the restroom immaculately cleaned and it even had a plant and a tissue container on side tables. Sabita was courteous and humble when I asked if she was responsible for creating such a spa-like atmosphere. She deserves recognition for such excellent work and responsible service. You’re fortunate to have such a great employee!  I will make that store my stop forever more.”
Hopyard Shell Customer      June 2021


“Kudos to your business at Kings Beach! While on our way to the beach while looking for parking we stumbled on your store to turn around. To our surprise we hit the jackpot! We found parking; the cleanest gas station bathroom we ever saw and great Tahoe souvenirs.

Thank you for taking pride in your business-excellent job!”
Kings Beach Chevron Customer    June 2021


“Hello,  Just want to give some amazing thanks to the manager and cashier working today. The manager was holding down the registers while the cashier was cleaning the bathrooms. The manager said they where low on employees and she tried to get us in and out fast. Lightning fast she is while working two registers. I told her the bathrooms where stunning. She gave me a card and ask if I could leave a comment. Just want to say thank you for having such great people working keeping up with the rushes. Also great job on the bathrooms.”
Ruby Hill Chevron Customer     June 2021

“Hello, I just wanted to give a shout out to both cashiers in the store on East Vineyard. They were very friendly and were able to go above and beyond by finding me what i needed. Also bathrooms were very clean and accessible. I believe the name of the lady that helped me was Farah. Thank you!” 
Ruby Hill Chevron Customer    May 2021 

“Hi, I just wanna give you review about that store location. Bathroom was sooo clean and customer service was outstanding. Store was soo organized. We love to visit this location.”
Ruby Hill Chevron Customer    May 2021 

 “I’m so impressed with everything in your station, from the clean bathrooms, to the music and especially Edith. Great job.”
Alcosta Shell Customer    May 2021 

”I travel for work and I can honestly say thank you. Your bathroom is the nicest gas station bathroom ever. Your stores are clean your clerks are very customer service oriented. I appreciate the hard work and your service. I will get my gas at Chevron every time I’m in Dublin thank you so much.”
Happy CFS Chevron Customer.  April 2021 

“Classical music is almost never used for as ambience in convenience stores, but I did hear Beethoven in your store yesterday!  I liked that! Thanx!”
Hacienda Shell Customer    April 2021 

“Hey there, I hope this message finds you well. I was in the Dublin/Pleasanton area the other day and visited a handful of your sites. I have to pay compliment to your beautiful stores and was met with very accommodating/friendly store personnel. Thank you and have a great rest of your day.”
CFS Customer.  April 2021  

Hello, I stopped into your Danville Chevron store today and was pleasantly surprised with a whole new look. The store looks and smells great!! Love, love, love it!!!! Lots of snacks and drinks to choose from now . Great job!!
Diablo Chevron Customer   March 2021

“I stopped at this location yesterday to get gas but primarily looking to use the restroom. 

First I’d like to say thank you for having restrooms open as most are closed due to COVID.  I am a notary and on road all day and the last year has been very hard to find a location with open restrooms so I thank you again for having them open.  

Second, as I mentioned I am on the road all day and let me tell you I have never seen a gas station with a restroom as clean as this location in the last 20 years.  Not only was it clean and smelled good, there was a nice supply of paper towels, toilet seat covers, hand soap and toilet paper, including hand sanitizer.  Restroom was neat and clean and I actually felt comfortable putting my keys, etc on the sink.  

I complimented the nice gentlemen and he went to hand me a card and I told him I already took one from restroom and would definitely be emailing.

It is nice to know I have a clean place to stop and use restroom and fill up when in the area. Thank you again!”
Dublin Chevron Customer      March 2021 

“Hello, For the past year, every Saturday I drive my brother to Davis to work on his house. My brother suffered several strokes in 2019 and I moved him from Davis where he lived for over 45 years down to Sunnyvale to be with family. So, every Saturday morning we stop at your store on Alcosta to use the restroom and later in the day we stop there on the way back. Sometimes we purchase goods as well. The reason for this message is to let you know how clean and safe your restrooms have been which is greatly appreciated. The cashier working every Saturday morning always says hello to me. Yesterday, she had just finished cleaning the restrooms and mopping the floors when we arrived. 

Where does one see this level of care?? In all my years, I have never seen this level of care. Sometimes our father travels with us and he always wants to stop here too. 

I usually don’t send comments unless I am truly disappointed. But, the level of care is so apparent I felt compelled to write this message. 

Thank you and keep up the great work. It is noticed!”
Alcosta Shell Customer     March 2021

“Hello, I wanted to take the time to congratulate you for the service level at your stores.  I am in sales so I visit some gas stations to fill gasoline and sometimes I go inside to purchase a snack or visit the bathroom and I am really impress with there cleanliness. So, thank you for taking care of this!”
Ruby Hill Chevron Customer     March 2021

“I would just like to say thanks for having the best stores around and special thanks to Juan (Juan’s the best!!!), Kashmir, Hector and the morning crew M-F at Dublin store, I always enjoy coming into the store and conversing with everyone, they are the best!!

I always leave the store with a smile on my face, everyone is so nice and welcoming. Keep up the great work!!
Happy CFS Customer      March 2021 

“I went in to the hacienda crossing store afterwork and the store was impeccably clean and well maintained with friendly COVID complaint staff. The restrooms were open and very clean. It was a great experience from a gas station store. You definitely have my business now! Thanks!”

Hacienda Shell Customer     February 2021 

“The cashier, at you San Ramon location, named Silvia is really nice and friendly makes you want to go into your market.”
San Ramon Shell Customer      February 2021

“I just wanted to say how elegant and clean the ladies room in the Chevron on highway 84. It smelled great and over all just impressive.  Thank you for the thought and effort that went into decorating the space, thank you so soooooooo much. Take care and have a great day.” 

Ruby Hill Chevron      February 2021

“To whom it may Concern,

The bathroom was absolutely nice I’ve never been to a facility especially a gas station restroom where I felt so safe and clean. Their doing a great job!?

Fallon Chevron Customer      January 2021

“Hi, I’m a Flight attendant for Alaska Airlines. Every week on my way to SFO and back home I stop at your gas station.

I have to say that I’m impressed with your bathroom cleanliness, your staff dedication and friendliness and overall how good and polished you keep the place in general. I’ve been going there for years and I can’t remember a time that wasn’t clean. And let me tell you that I stop at different times during , day and night.

Thanks for the excellent job your employees do!

Have a wonderful day ?
Ruby Hill Chevron     January 2021

Thank you for a great service.
King’s Beach Customer      December 2020

“Visited your Dublin & Fallon Road store today. Greatly appreciate your clean spa -like bathrooms! Just a huge Thank you !  A blessing to enter such a clean gasoline bathroom! Happy Holidays!”
Gateway Fallon Chevron Customer   December 2020

”I just wanted to send a quick note saying that the Kings Beach Chevron was the cleanest, best gas station my husband and I have ever been to.  Thank you!”
Kings Beach Chevron Customer     December 2020

“Your store is on the way home from work and every time I stop there for gas or coffee I’m impressed with the cleanliness of the store, especially the bathrooms. Not only are they clean, but smell good and are pleasingly decorated. Today there was some gentle quieting music being played which helped lower the commute tension level.
As a small business owner I can tell there is a level of caring for the customers that exceeds what corporations have trouble delivering. Thanks!”
Ruby Hill Chevron Customer     December 2020 

 “I stopped in your Chevron station at 6400 Dublin Rd. today to grab a cold drink. I was immediately struck by how clean, well organized, and well stocked the store was.  So much so that I complimented the store manager, Chona.

She is doing a fantastic job for you folks. You’re lucky to have her on the team.”
Dublin Chevron Customer     December 2020 

“I just wanted to send a quick note saying that the Kings Beach Chevron was the cleanest, best gas station my husband and I have ever been to.  Thank you!”
Kings Beach Chevron Customer     December 2020

 “I don’t write a lot of reviews, but I had to reach out and say thank you for raising the bar on a gas station experience. My family was traveling home from LA and needed a pit stop on 11/29 about 9:00 PM and we happened to stop at your Dougherty/Dublin location. I usually try to brace myself for the sights and smells and do everything I can to keep my kids (6/4/2/2months) from touching anything. Your bathroom was a welcome reprieve from the road with pleasant smells, music, even a little bit of DÉCOR!! And it was spotless! The single room was large enough to serve as a family restroom instead of needing to cram a crowd into a stall, and there was plentiful toilet paper, hand soap, and paper towels.

I’ll make sure to keep the card so I can plan road trips around your locations – something I never imagined myself saying for sure. Bravo!”
Dublin Chevron Customer      December 2020 

“I just wanted to say THANK YOU! I’m a frequent user of your gas station and I highly appreciate it That the restrooms have been kept open for customer while COVID.

I use the chevron by Isabel on 84 and it’s always so clean! And the staff is always so friendly! 

Thank you very much.”
Ruby Hill Chevron Customer    November 2020

“I recently visited the restroom at the Kings Beach store. It was by far the cleanest, most elegant gas station bathroom i have ever been in. Thank you, it made a huge difference for me.”
Kings Beach Chevron Customer    November 2020  

“Thank you for installing such nice restroom facilities at your Truckee gas station.  It was also pretty darn clean. Thank you for caring about the comfort of your customers! A thankful customer.”
Tahoe City Shell Customer     November 2020

“I was on a road trip and stopped at one of your Dublin locations for gas and snacks. I must say you have the cleanest restrooms and the most welcoming environment I’ve experienced in all of California. Thank you for taking pride in your establishment, I took your card and will make an effort to take breaks at your locations on future road trips.”
Dublin Chevron Customer     November 2020 

“Good evening, today I came into the store to purchase a carwash and as soon as I walked in, I was greeted by a very polite cashier. I asked her about the prices of the carwash and she suggested the Ultimate car wash and stated that it was the best one, she also told me about the free rags you could use to dry off your car! I think this is excellent and I love that detail. When I went to use the carwash, I saw another employee named Walter changing the water, I think this was also great because that meant I was going to be the first one to get clean soapy water! I wanted to give him a tip for being so nice and greeting but he wouldn’t accept it and said the best thing I could do is leave a message or a call. Thank you so much for your guys’ service! Have a great day.”
San Ramon Shell Customer   November 2020 

“Tahoe City (Shell) Women’s restroom was very clean!  This is a rarity for public restrooms these days. I will always be looking to stop where your facilities are. Great job!”
Tahoe City Shell Customer    October 2020

“Hello, my name is Tommy. I frequent the store in the afternoons when I get off work most days.  I wanted to comment on Laura at your Alcosta rd location. She is very polite and helpful. The store is clean and well kept. I appreciate her friendly and helpful attitude. Thank you.”
Alcosta Shell Customer    October 2020

“Omg, I just used your bathrooms at Kings Beach chevron and I gotta say

it was like walking into a spa at a resort!! not only was it super clean, it smelled nice, the fixtures were very tasteful.

amazing that employees care about the business so much they are able to keep the bathroom at that high standard. thank you!
Kings Beach Chevron Customer    October 2020  

“I visited your Livermore location in the morning of Oct. 21. The first strange thing that happened was there was a smiling person cleaning up around the islands. The pump was clean and I wasn’t hesitant to touch the nozzle, unlike so many stations. Then I noticed the windshield squeegee was basically new, not worn out and it worked perfectly. Filling up went well, but I wanted a cup of coffee so I went inside. All of your people were very warm and friendly, explained they couldn’t fill my travel mug (I already knew that but was sort of testing how COVID-careful they were being) and sold me a new cup of coffee, delivered it on a tray and directed me to where and how I could fill my mug. I felt like I was in Business Class on a transatlantic flight. 

This kind of customer interaction starts with the ownership, and the Cox Family must be treating everyone really well. Good job and thank you!”
Ruby Hill Chevron Customer     October 2020

“Thank you for installing such nice restroom facilities at your Truckee gas station.  It was also pretty darn clean. Thank you for caring about the comfort of your customers!”
Truckee Customer.   November 2020

“Hello, I just wanted to take a moment to let you know that my son and I stopped at your Livermore store on Sunday September 16th when we were passing through the area, and that is the NICEST convenience/gas station store in the entire UNIVERSE!

The restrooms were clean and Luxurious like using the restroom at an exclusive spa.

The selection of items and the items themselves in the store was fantastic.  The cleanliness of the entire store was outstanding and the two guys working were so cheerful and helpful to us and everyone we saw come and go in the store. I am sorry I didn’t get their names.  I left feeling so good and valued as a customer and a human being.

I will keep your card and the next time we visit Northern California I will make a point to pee and buy sparkling water and snacks at one of your stores.“
Ruby Hill Chevron Customer    September 2020 

“THANK GOD for you people, and for your locations!

The simple fact that you have restrooms AVAILABLE during this debacle — not to mention that they are always SUPERBLY CLEAN — gives me hope that not only will we all make it through this but we will also THRIVE!

You GET IT! You GET the fact that people NEED gasoline at a fair price, and they not only need well-stocked refreshments but also sanitary facilities when they are not sequestered at home!

I recommend your locations to all of my friends and family, and I wish that there were more of your locations!”
Happy CFS Customer   September 2020

“I visited your station on Crow Canyon and 680 today and I haven’t been to it in a while and it had been upgraded and re-done inside and I just want to tell you your store was beautiful and I thought that you’re healthier products that you have now are a wonderful addition. Just thought you might like to know. Thank you very much.”
Crow Canyon Shell Customer  September 2020 

“I stopped by your Shell Station, on Alcosta Blvd in Dublin, about 4 times per week and am always greeted positively by your cashier Edith. Thanks!” 
Alcosta Shell Customer   September 2020

“Just stopped at your Kings Beach location. This is the nicest convenience store I’ve seen in a long time on our travels. I was looking for a soda fountain so that I could buy cups of ice but your employee, Francisco, informed me there wasn’t one. He offered to give me a cup of ice. He also pointed out the restroom which was sparkling clean and likewise impressive. I bought other unneeded items to thank you for use of your restroom and the ice cup. 

Francisco was most pleasant and told me how nice it was to clean the bathrooms when I expressed how clean they were. Great job!”
King’s Beach Chevron Customer     May 2020 

“We stopped at the Livermore store on Saturday 5/30/20 at around 4pm on the way to picking some cherries in Brentwood. I must say that you have the cleanest and nicest restrooms I have ever seen in a convenience gas station store!  The whole store was immaculate! Both my son and I were amazed and commented to my wife.   The staff were quite friendly and helpful as well.  When I complimented them in person, they suggested with your card that I send my feedback.   Thank you for providing such a high quality convenience environment for your customers.  

Lovely to see someone take such an approach in their business.  So proud of you, and happy to be your customer!”
Ruby Hill Chevron Customer     May 2020

“Hi there- just wanted to let you know how amazed I am of your bathroom! The nicest, cleanest, gas station bathroom I’ve ever been into.”
Hopyard Shell Customer     May 2020 

“Hello,I would like to commend the staff of the Shell Station located at 5933 Dougherty Rd./Dublin Blvd. I visit the station once a week and it’s always clean and well maintained, the windshield squeegee(s) are always clean and serviceable and the cleaning solution has  always clean and topped off with cleaning solution (not just water like some stations). Water and Air service are available 24/7 and with the Covid crisis amongst us, I appreciate the hand sanitizer stations being full (other stations are empty or not present at all). The workers both day and night shift are courteous and friendly, and make suggestions when I can’t make up my mind on choosing something to eat or drink. This station is an example for others to follow…”
Dougherty Road Shell Customer    May 2020

“The best gas station. Clean, nice and the best customer service in California!”
Alcosta Shell Customer    May 2020

“Great Store! Staff is very friendly and helpful. Everything is so clean including the Washrooms. Great coffee!”
Ruby Hill Chevron Customer     May 2020 

 “I would like to thank you for having such an amazing crew at the Truckee shell. I went on Friday around 2pm. Right as I walked in the store I greeted by the cashier. You can smell the freshness as you walk in. Thank you for keeping the store clean. I observe an employee cleaning the pumps I commented to the cashier that it was nice you guys where cleaning the pumps also. He told me it was the manager who was out there cleaning the pumps and that he does them also throughout his shift. I appreciate you guys being open and that you are keeping up on the cleaning. I feel safe stopping into this gas station.”
Truckee Shell Customer    May 2020 

 “I just visited the store in Dublin off Fallon Road. The restroom was super clean and I really appreciated it because I have a five year old daughter and sometimes when your on the road you don’t know what kind of sanitary conditions you’re going to find at a gas station. The restroom was super clean. It was wonderful and nice and smelled good. Thank you! God bless.”
Fallon Chevron Customer     May 2020

“Your restrooms are spotless. Your clerks are courteous and friendly.

Keep it up . From one Business Owner to another it is nice to be complemented.”
Ruby Hill Customer     April 2020 

“Just wanted to say I think you people have created a new standard for others to follow. From the quality of the customer service to the cleanliness of your designer restrooms, I always know right away if I have fallen upon a Cox facility.  I’m glad there are so many of you out there doin’ it right!! Thank you ?
Hopyard Shell Customer      April 2020 

“I have been stopping in at the Crow Canyon location for approximately a year at various times of the day and all of the staff there are extremely helpful and friendly. I usually purchase the same items on each visit and the staff remembers and I don’t even have to ask. It is a great way to either start or end my day with a smile and cheerful greeting.“
San Ramon Shell Customer      April 2020 

“I wanted to let you know that every time I go into your station on East Vineyard, it is clean, the people are nice and your restrooms, I think, are the most clean/nice as I have seen! Thank you for setting a high quality standard! Have a good day.”
Ruby Hill Chevron Customer    March 2020 

“Good afternoon! I am a person that usually goes to the gas station just to get gas but because of the crisis we’ve been in I went to get sanitizer, toilet paper and water that I was struggling to find. Today I went into the store and it was incredibly clean + sanitized. I was quite impressed with all the products there was (considering it was a small store) and not to mention the cashier that was working there! They greeted me with a smile as soon as I walked in, everything in the store is really great and good quality brands. Noemi the cashier was super nice and thankfully using gloves to deal with the money. I also went into the bathroom and it smelled so nice and clean, everything was perfect!

Keep up the good work!”
San Ramon Shell Customer     March 2020

“As a professional outdoor loving designer, I travel up to 4,000 miles per month and, needless to say, I stop at dozens of gas stations. If I am in the East Bay, I will drive extra miles out of my way to visit any of the Cox Family Stores. The staff is always courteous and friendly and the level of cleanliness of every facility I have visited is above reproach. Thank you again for providing all of us travelers with a nice place to stop.“
CFS Customer      February 2020

 “The restroom at your Livermore location is cleaner and nicer than most upscale Hotels I’ve been to. I really want to thank you.”
Ruby Hill Chevron Customer      February 2020

“I wanted to say thank you for the 5 star bathroom experience located at the east vineyard Chevron location.  For a moment I  felt like I was in a fancy restaurant.  Everything was neat and orderly in the store complete with pleasing music.  

Thank you for your efforts! I grabbed a business card and was pleased to find additional locations.  I will keep these in mind in my travels!”
Ruby Hill Chevron Customer     January 2020

 “Your attendant, Noemi, was very polite and helpful. It’s nice to come across an establishment that is so clean and then to top it of with a person who has the greatest smile. It makes you feel that perhaps America is coming back. Pride of ownership is apparent in your establishment.”
Dublin Chevron Customer    January 2020

 “I’d like to commend you for your very well-maintained facility at Acosta Blvd. and San Ramon Road in Dublin. When we stopped there a few weeks ago, the store was neat, clean, and well stocked, the clerk was friendly and efficient, and the restrooms were not only immaculate but nicely designed too. It can’t be easy to maintain these qualities in a busy roadside environment. Well done.”
Alcosta Shell Customer    January 2020

 “I was on a road trip with my family and we stopped and got gas and used the restroom.  It was by far the cleanest nicest bathroom I have stopped at.”
Ruby Hill Chevron Custome   January 2020

 “I just stopped at the Chevron at Dublin Blvd and Fallon Road and was so impressed with every aspect of this establishment. The variety of snacks and drinks was impressive and all were very well-stocked! The bathrooms were gorgeous, impeccably clean, and made for an extremely pleasant experience. Your staff was friendly and helpful when I was in the retail area. My husband and I spend a lot of time on the road for work, and rarely (or never) come across a place to stop in our travels that is as nice as this!”
Fallon Chevron Customer     December 2019 

“I was in your Kings Beach Chevron gas station a few days ago and I was so impressed with the condition of your restroom I just had to comment to the girl working the counter. I don’t think I have ever seen a gas station restroom so clean and tidy. Usually I’m afraid to go into public restrooms when I have to stop. My compliments to you and your staff for keeping it clean and comfortable. Thanks!”
Kings Beach Chevron Customer    December 2019

“Yo. Real talk, that was the cleanest, nicest, most chill gas station bathroom I’ve ever had the privilege of using. Ya’ll had some soothing jazz, like 2 rolls of thick paper towels, hand sanitizer and hand soap, the floors were clean, the walls and floors were a cool modern grey. Plus, ya’ll had a wine selection and some random colored bubbly fountain art for looks. Lemme tell you, where I’m from we dont have this. I have been honored with the privilege of passing through Dublin to use this restroom. Keep it up!”
Hacienda Shell Customer    December 2019

“Last week I stopped at your station on San Ramon Rd/ Alcosta Rd. The restroom was nicer than most restaurants. Nice surprise. Top quality operation.”
Alcosta Shell Customer     December 2019

“I was traveling today and happened to stop at your Livermore location to get a cold drink and use the restroom. I don’t think I have ever been so impressed with a convenience store. The store was well – stocked, clean and the overall environment was very comfortable. Background music was a very nice touch. The clerks were very pleasant and attentive. And the bathrooms! Compared to other businesses I have patronized in my travels I felt as if I had walked into the restroom in an upscale restaurant. Tasteful decor, clean, adequate supplies, and even an air freshener that didn’t smell like bubble gum!! My compliments to that particular staff for being conscientious and to Cox Family Stores in general.” 
Ruby Hill Chevron Customer     November 2019

“Your Kings Beach location was exceptionally clean, good-smelling, and inviting. Staff was cordial, too. Thanks!”  
King’s Beach Chevron Customer     November 2019

“Bravo! for giving me my first experience with a clean, fresh, and tastefully decorated restroom in a gas station setting. I have been traveling for well over 50 years, and have never – I mean, NEVER – been soothed by a classical piano solo piped softly into the lou. It made me chuckle, but in a good way… I generally don’t purchase anything when I run in to use the ‘comfort’ station after a long ride, but I enjoyed the experience so much that I had to purchase a few small items. May you be a beacon of change in the industry!!! Loved it!”
Fallon Chevron Customer     November 2019

“I had the pleasure of purchasing fuel for my BMW X3 at your location on Hopyard and Owens today. I could not believe how impeccably clean and comfortable the restrooms were, a continuation of the inviting environment of the store.  Truly a unique experience, I commend you for providing a premium service.  I wish you operated locations in San Francisco proper.” 
Hopyard Shell Customer     November 2019

“I just wanted to compliment you on the great service I always receive. I go into your store at least 4 times a week for either gas or snacks.

Everyone is very helpful and courteous. But one employee stands out. Her name is Edith. Edith is always friendly and keeps the store very clean.

When I have a question about where to locate something she is very helpful. But best of all when I do go in and am in a rush. She reminds me of things I am forgetting.For example a certain soda or just a banana.

Every Employee there is wonderful. But again she stands out as a excellent.”
Alcosta Shell Customer     November 2019

“I have never seen a cleaner restroom at a gas station. The music, the attendant just everything is wonderful. Thank you!!”
Dublin Chevron Customer     November 2019

“Edith is simply amazing and wonderful to deal with, wish she was at the location every morning of the week as everything goes so smoothly while she is there.”
Alcosta Shell Customer      November 2019

“My daughter-in-law, my granddaughter and I were driving home from Santa Cruz to Sacramento. In Livermore, we had to stop to use a bathroom and we ended up stopping at your store.The first thing all three of us said when we came out was “That bathroom was the nicest we’ve ever seen”.  My granddaughter was the most enthused about it.  Her reaction would have been a good commercial for your company.  It was beautifully decorated and as clean as our bathrooms at home.  We have marked it as a best place to stop when driving through Livermore.”
Ruby Hill Chevron Customer     November 2019


“This is the best store ever. I travel around the trivalley area and this is the friendliest and cleanest store. The manager introduced herself to me- even she was great! Everyone should go here.”

Ruby Hill Chevron     October 2019


“It was the most Beautifully Decorated and cleanest smelling Restroom ever!! Chona and Amy were very friendly and helpful people.”

Dublin Chevron     October 2019


“To whom it may concern,
I am California resident for the last 30 years. I traveled a lot and never had a great experience like my last travel using the Livermore location on Thursday, October 3rd around 5:30 p.m. to get gas, purchasing cigarettes, and using bathroom.The staff were professional, polite, and smile on their faces. The store was clean and shiny. The restroom was the cleanest on my entire travel experiences compare to other competitors’ locations nationwide. I would like to thank the owner and the organization for providing an outstanding services. I approached the employees to thanking them, and with smile one of them handed me the business card to report any concern with How are we doing card. I think you as an owner treat them very well, and they are taking care of your investment as their best as they can. You should be proud of them. Thank you!”

Ruby Hill Chevron    October 2019


“I just visited your Chevron store, in Dublin, on Dougherty Road and Dublin Boulevard. You guys have a really nice bathroom and it’s super clean. I spoke with Erika and she was very helpful. My experience was good. I highly recommend this station!”

Dublin Chevron     October 2019

“Just wanted to let you know we had a great experience at your store. I have never, in my 34 years of existence, been to a gas station bathroom that was that nice. Keep it up!”
Hacienda Shell Customer    September 2019 

“My name is Pete and I’m a road warrior by trade in this season of my life, logging over 60,000 miles annually.  Your stores are the cleanest, neatest, most welcoming gas stations I’ve ever seen in California!

I am so thankful to be able to count on an excellent experience whenever I drop by. I hope you manage to expand your reach to many more locations.  You’ve set a standard for the competition to measure up to.”
Cox Family Stores Customer    September 2019

“We stopped in to get a little snack for our road trip and used your restroom. They were amazing! Relaxing music, super clean, and even decorated. This was the BEST gas station restroom I have ever used!! And I mean that sincerely!”
Ruby Hill Chevron Customer    September 2019


“I just went to the Chevron at ‪6400 Dublin Blvd, Dublin, CA 94568‬ and the bathroom was by far the best I’ve ever seen at a gas station or in most places for that matter. My girlfriend and her friends were audibly impressed. It was so nicely adorned and impeccably clean and I wanted to give credit since there was a feedback card there. Well done!”
Dublin Chevron Customer     September 2019


“I just wanted to give some feedback on your store since I found the card in the bathroom.  My family and I stopped at your store on the way home from Gilroy. It was the nicest public restroom in a gas station we have been in. It was clean, smelled good, and had nice features. Also,  Sujan and  Balraj who helped us at the cashier were very nice, helpful and professional.
Thank you!”
Ruby Hill Chevron Customer     September 2019


“I want to share my pleasant appreciation for the amazingly-nice (and clean) bathroom I happened to use today! This bathroom was in the ‪mini-mart‬ at the Chevron station on the corner of Dougherty and Dublin Blvd (‪6400 Dublin Blvd at Dougherty Rd.‬) in Dublin.
We happened to stop in for gas today, around 4pm, and I needed to use the restroom, so I went inside the mini-mart. A young female clerk pleasantly greeted me immediately, and let me know where the restroom was. Upon opening the door, I was shocked (and pleasantly surprised) as I walked into an elegant, CLEAN restroom! It was certainly not what I expected to find.
On the way out, I not only thanked her for the use of the restroom, but also told her that in my 66 years, I had NEVER come across such a nice bathroom in ANY gas station… and that it was very impressive!
Anyway, thanks for doing something most service stations don’t care about… providing a clean, comfortable place to take a needed break in! Best Wishes.”
Dublin Chevron Customer    August 2019


“I would like to express how pleased my family is with the recent takeover by your organization.  Our family has often stopped for coffee and light snacks on our way from our home in Santa Cruz to visiting family in Sacramento.  Over the years this facility has gone from very clean and pleasant to horribly dirty, graffiti-covered and extremely unpleasant.  The last several years, we no longer stopped at all. 
We were very pleasantly surprised with the new takeover.  Restroom facilities are sanitary, clean and tastefully appointed.  The market is well organized, clean and tidy.  We were greeted with a smile and pleasantries by Regina, the clerk on duty at the time.
Thank you very much for respecting your customers and treating us accordingly.
Ruby Hill Chevron Customer    August 2019


“My son, daughter-in-law and I were in our 6th day of a family trip when we stopped at your Livermore store on our way to Manteca. What a refreshing surprise to enter hearing music of faith softly playing in the background. The bathroom was a showplace of cleanliness and beauty. The merchandise on the shelves was neatly displayed and the choices were unusual and handy. Since it was a hot day I chose Hagen Das miniature coffee ice cream cup with it’s spoon under the lid. Good memories of a lovely business. Keep up the good work. You improve the world in your small corner. I’m from Minot, North Dakota. Thank you!”
Ruby Hill Customer    July 2019

‘This was an unexpected pleasant stop for gas. First of all the cleanest and nicest bathrooms ever in a gas station. We drove thru very late at night,
and they were working hard cleaning the floors. They definitely take pride in their establishment and it shows. Thank you!”
Ruby Hills Customer    July, 2019

“Every morning I purchase my coffee from Alcosta Shell. I love the way Edith treats her customers. Honestly, she is the reason I look for Cox Family stores wherever I go.Thank you, Edith!”
Alcosta Shell CustomerJuly 2019

“Love your modern styled bathrooms that are CLEAN!  So appreciate it!  And they smell good too!

You are going to win gas station customers with your bathrooms!”
Ruby Hill Chevron    July 2019

“I’m just so amazed how clean the bathroom is at your store. Normally, you don’t come cross bathrooms at gas stations that are clean. Made me feel really comfortable especially after a long car ride. 

The ladies working are doing a good job too. Thank you for having great people working for your company”
Fallon Chevron Customer     July 2019

“I want to say ‘thank you’ to your San Ramon location.  Annie got a product I requested. Thank you to Cox Family Stores for great customer service”.
San Ramon Customer   June 2019

“I just wanted to say you guys have the cleanest restroom I have ever seen in my life”

 Ruby Hills Customer    June 2019

Officer with California Highway Patrol stated, “I’m in your Tahoe City Shell gas station and I wanted say thank you.  They have a very clean restroom.”
Tahoe City Customer    June 2019

“I freakin love this place. Don’t waste your time at the Starbucks next door. Instead, buy coffee here! Best coffee and the bathrooms are like a 5 Star Hotel. Overall inexpensive gas prices, clean sanitary store, and very welcoming employees. I would recommend coming here. In fact, I would recommend driving 200 miles to feel this amazing experience!!”
Ruby Hills Customer    May 2019

“I just wanted to say how much I love your store! It’s very clean and organized.   I was looking for some healthy snacks and the manager, Annie, came to ask me if I needed help looking for anything. She gave me a lot of wonderful options.  I got a snack pack for for a great price! There were a lot of deals on the protein shakes, which I also got. Thank you.  I love how the workers tell me how I can save money!

Great Job! Very friendly.”
San Ramon Customer May 2019

“The staff at San Ramon are great workers! Everything I need, I get at San Ramon Cox Family Stores.  You guys have an excellent store.  The staff is friendly and efficient.”
San Ramon Customer April 2019

“I had the best stop at your gas station in my life.  I have been up and down the coast.  Your employees are so kind.  Your restrooms are so impressive.  They are beautiful!…As spotless as I have ever seen.  I commend you on this store and how well you maintain it.”
Ruby Hills Customer  March 2019

“I am writing to let you know about the excellent experience I have had at your store at the Chevron at Dublin/Fallon Rd. I have been meaning to do this for at least a few months and had misplaced your card. 

My brother lives in Merced and we travel through the area frequently when going to visit him. This CFS has become the place to stop on the way to and from.  At first the appeal was a great and modern designed restroom. It is always clean and usually has a nice fragrance. We then learned the hidden gem that this CFS store is. There is a great balance of everything snack wise, healthy options and guilty pleasures. My particular favorites are: fresh fruits, dry snack options, organic options, Coke Freestyle Machine and Hawaiian Dark Chocolate Rocky Road (can’t remember the brand).

We will keep aware of other locations and shop there when possible. Please consider adding a CFS in an area on the way to Merced, such as Tracy or Manteca. Also, the staff are always courteous and helpful at this location as well.”
Fallon Chevron Customer    February 2019

“Just wanted to say what a nice store you have at your East Vineyard location.  Especially the restroom!  It was like a fancy restaurant.  Regina was very nice and helpful as well.”
Ruby Hill Chevron Customer     February 2019

“Hello! We’re from Sacramento and were making a quick stop for gas, snack and a potty break and we’re lucky enough to stop at the Chevron in Livermore. Walking into the bathroom, right away I was shocked. Like it didn’t feel like I was in a gas station at all! It was so clean, smelled fresh and the interior and decor was just beautiful. I felt like I was in a luxury hotel. Best bathroom ever. Then, the woman at the check out counter was a complete angel. Her name was Regina and she was so kind and had such a bright, friendly smile.  Best customer service! All in all, it was just a great stop for us:) thank you so much!”
Ruby Hill Chevron Customer     February 2019

“Just stopped for gas at Hopyard Pleasanton location and took my toddler to the bathroom (I usually dread this part of our road trips). I was pleasantly surprised with the inviting set up. It was clean, nicely decorated, music playing, soap in the dispenser, easy to pull paper towels to dry our hands, and the trash can that you step on to open. I wish all bathrooms at gas stations were this thoughtful. Thank you!”

“This store is awesome. I’ve been coming here…I love this store! Coolers are always stocked and organized. I can get healthy snacks.

Keep up the great work. You guys are great. I love it. Thank you so much.”
San Ramon Store Customer  January 2019

“I have been meaning to send a review for quite a while. Thank you so much for such a wonderful Gas Station experience. I never in my life thought I would give a positive review to a Gas Station, but there are firsts for everything. The restrooms are so modern, clean and well maintained. The staff is friendly and helpful which is so rare in customer service these days! I am a manager myself so I pay close attention to these sorts of details! I would definitely give you a 5 star rating! Keep up the good work and I will be stopping in the future for sure!”
Ruby Hill Chevron     January 2019

“I just wanted to share my experience with the Livermore Chevron. I stopped there on 1/3/2019  on my way back from Monterey Bay to use the restroom and pump gas. Being that it was my first time at any of the CFS locations, I was blown away at the cleanliness of the store/restroom and hospitality from the clerk. If I remember correctly her was Margie. She was extremely nice and had excellent customer service. I am looking forward to stopping by for gas and other needs the next time I’m in the area. Thank you CFS and Margie @ the Livermore Chevron!”
Ruby Hill Chevron     January 2019

“Very clean and good smelling restroom. Very nice staff and beautiful store. I always enjoy stopping and gassing up or buying motor oil or snacks in this station. Keep it up!!!”
Ruby Hill Chevron     January 2019

“Seriously best gas station bathroom ever!!!! Thanks for a good stop!”
Fallon Chevron     January 2019

“I just want to thank you for caring about your gas station business. You are setting the standard for gas stations. Gas stations don’t need to be dirty or look ugly, especially the bathrooms!  Most gas stations don’t even want to share their bathrooms. Why??? That is so ridiculous!!!  People need to use the bathrooms when they make pit stops. Anyhow, maybe you can share your business practices with others so they can follow your ethical practices because your stations are beautiful and clean! Thank you.”
Fallon Chevron Customer     December 2018

“I absolutely love this gas station. The restrooms are always clean and it’s such a delight to go into this station. Thank you!”
Hacienda Shell Customer     December 2018 

“I just wanted to take a moment to Thank You for having such a clean, well maintained facility at 39 East Vineyard Ave/Isabel Rd. I live in San Jose and often stop there for fuel/restroom (at least 4 times).

The restrooms are like those in an expensive hotel. Very clean, nicely decorated and well stocked.

Your store Manager, Regina and Orlando of Maintenance-What a great job they do! Such attention to detail and pride they take.

Anyway, I asked for their names. This was unsolicited by them but I really wanted to let you know how pleased I am with this location.”
Ruby Hill Chevron     December 2018

“I am pleased with your store on Vineyard Ave in Livermore.  I have been delighted to see the improvements your company have brought to the Chevron.  I definitely appreciate having a clean area to get out of our vehicle, fuel up, and have a clean window squeegee and water available to wash the front windshield!

In addition to the cleanliness, your improvements to the store are a welcome sight, and your staff have been great!”
Ruby Hill Chevron Customer     November 2018

“I want to let you know how pleased I am with the care of your Vineyard Avenue Livermore location.  It is a credit to your management, your selection of employees, and the goodness of your staff that this location is THE NICEST gas station/store I have ever been to.  Every time I go there it feels like coming back to visit family.  The facilities are immaculate – so immaculate that I walked out of the bathroom to the register to ask for information to contact you to let you know what a great experience is always found there.

The two ladies behind the counter, Regina, your store manager, and Maria, your cashier, were so pleased to find me so happy.  They represent themselves and your store so beautifully and I always look forward to stopping by to fill up my car and to grab one of the wonderful snacks you offer – and I travel that path several times a month.

Like they say “if you see something, say something” and in this case, the something could not be more positive.”
Ruby Hill Chevron Customer     November 2018

“Hi, Wanted to comment about the wonderful experience & the woman that helped me in Livermore. She was very kind, considerate & friendly. I wish I would of gotten her name.  I travel a lot & it was a pleasure for me to stop, gas up & use the restroom.

The restroom that I used was immaculate. I then bought a soda & purchased some gasoline. I commented to this mystery woman about how clean the bathrooms were, and she appreciated  my comment very much.

I will definitely be back because of the perfect bathroom & this employee. She was so kind & professional she might have been the owner. A+A+A+A+”
Ruby Hill Chevron     November 2018

“I would like to commend your facilities and staff for maintaining a clean and refreshing restrooms in Hacienda Dr, Dublin and Santa Rita Rd in Pleasanton. I drive in the mornings for Uber and Lyft in the Tri-Valley area and I always look for CFS locations for my gas, coffee and bathroom breaks. Please keep up the impeccable service. You are in a class of your own.”
Hacienda Shell      November 2018

“Just thought I’d say thank you for keeping such a clean and great looking store.  I’ve been to the store at 4895 Hacienda Drive in Dublin, CA and from the moment I walked into the store, I was thoroughly impressed.  The staff is always very cheerful and it just feels like a neighborhood family owned grocery store.  Absolutely love it!  I now make it a point to get my coffee from there every other day.  

Thanks so much!  Hope to see more stores like this!”
Hacienda Shell Customer     November 2018

“I just wanted to take a few minutes to tell you how pleased I am with your store on Vineyard Ave in Livermore.  We live just a minute or so away and frequent the shopping center routinely.  In the past several months I have been delighted to see the improvements your company has brought to the Chevron.  Most notably, the cleanliness of the gas isles.  It may not seem like a lot, but I definitely appreciate having a clean area to get out of our vehicle, fuel up, and have a clean window squeegee and water available to wash the front windshield!

In addition to the cleanliness, your improvements to the store are a welcome sight, and your staff have been great!”

Ruby Hill Chevron Customer     November 2018


“I just recently started going to Cox Family Stores. The store is conveniently located and now my favorite stop to gas up.⛽️ 

The store is always clean, the crew is always friendly, and the experience is always pleasant.

Thanks! “
Happy CFS Customer    November 2018 

“I was very surprised at the decor and cleanliness of the bathroom.  As a woman, I often dread using gas station bathrooms, but you won me over.  Great job!”
Fallon Chevron Customer   October 2018

“Dear Owner/Management
I suspect that most folks who take the time to drop a short note are actually lodging a complaint, this message is quite the opposite. I travel often for work, have family and relatives spread around the country and in all of my travels I have never seen a station that looked so nice. The decor is outstanding, the facility was well stocked and so clean. I’m amazed! You have to be very proud of the business and I can tell you it is noticed. I live in Rocklin Ca. and have already told my wife and family how nice it is. The next time I’m driving by I’m stopping in if I need gas or not! Congratulations on such a nice facility. Your staff was equally nice, I was helped by Lidet and Sujan who greeted me with a smile and offer to help. Your facility is a model everyone should strive for. Thank you!“
Hacienda Shell Customer    October 2018

“My husband visited your Chevron store in Livermore and liked your bathroom facilities. The cleanliness and atmosphere that it gave really impressed him. I was wondering if you have a picture to share? I’m interested because we’re in the process of doing some remodeling. Like I said, my husband was very impressed!”
Ruby Hill Chevron Customer     October 2018

“I just want to commend the staff at your Dougherty Road/Dublin Blvd. store – specifically Jannat and Mary.  I have visited this store nearly every morning  for the past two years.  Jannat and Mary are always very pleasant to me. They greet everyone with a friendly smile and a pleasant demeanor.  They also always move the line quickly, and they do a great job of keeping the coffee station clean and organized, as well at the rest of the store.  
Your coffee is also very good, and I always look forward to starting my day at your store.”
Dougherty Shell Customer    August 2018

“That’s the best  ___damn bathroom I have ever been in!  Where do I get my hotel room key?”
Ruby Hills Customer    August, 2018

“We have been customers at your store for over twenty years. We would just like to say it is a pleasure to walk into your store and be greeted with such kindness. Every employee that has worked for you at this store is great.. 
Thank you for making my life a little less stressful knowing I can walk into your store , make my purchase and walk out with a smile.”
20+ year Santa Rita Customer       July 2018

“Hello, CFS!
I wanted to take the time to write some praise to you, just as the card said to. I am a local missionary in the San Jose mission, and as missionaries we go out amd knock doors all day. 
Whenever we need a break, or to use the bathroom, we come to a CFS because it is so nice and we know that the bathrooms are going to be clean. 
It’s awesome to know that we are gong to feel clean and safe in your stores! 
Thank you. We appreciate it!!”
Hacienda Customer    July 2018

“We have been customers at your store for over twenty years. We would just like to say it is a pleasure to walk into your store and be greeted with such kindness. Every employee that has worked for you at this store is great.. The past year or so we usually see Jenten or Angelica behind the counter and they are so friendly to us. I love the shell discount card and use it often. Thank you for making my life a little less stressful knowing I can walk into your store , make my purchase and walk out with a smile.”
Santa Rita Shell Customer     July 2018

“I want to say ‘thank you’ to him and to whole store. It’s very clean, very organized, and they always have what I want. Thank you!”
Fallon Chevron Customer     July 2018

“My wife and I travel from Concord to Modesto frequently. We stop at Alcosta Shell in Dublin to purchase gas and use the restroom. We are always greeted nicely by whichever attendant is working and most importantly, the restrooms are the cleanest restrooms I’ve ever seen. My wife and I really appreciate that. Thank you!” 
Alcosta Shell Customer     June 2018

“I’ve been coming to your location at Fallon since you opened a few years ago and I’ve always had a great experience. From the beginning, I remember talking to the daughter of the family business and she was able to bring in serveral items that I’ve requested. I frequent this station at all hours and each employee is outstanding. They give excellent customer serviceand I hope you do your best to take care of them. I look forward to my visits. Everyone at this store goes out of their way to keep customers, like myself, super happy. Thank you. You don’t find this kind of service at other stations.” 
Fallon Chevron Station   June 2018

“I’ve been a customer at Dougherty Shell in Dublin for a little over ten years. I want to give praise to your employee Jannat . She’s always been awesome and very helpful. I’ve never had a problem at this location.”
Dougherty Shell Customer     June 2018

“Hi, I’ve lived in Dublin since 1985. I frequently go to the Shell station at the corner of  Alcosta and San Ramon Valley Road. I’m there at least four to five times a week. Every time I go the station is clean, the people are friendly and the coffee is good. Those are the three main reasons I’ve remained a loyal customer over the years. Thank you!” 
Alcosta Shell Customer     July 2018

“It was a pleasure meeting you Mr. Cox at the Dublin/Fallon Store. The employees there are amazing and store is always impeccable! Poul and Juan are a great sight in the morning. They and all the employees do an outstanding job and have the some of the best customer service I have witnessed in a decade. Please treat them right and with great respect as they do it for your store and your Familys name above it.
Thank You!”
Fallon Store Customer    June 2018

“Your Store at Hacienda is great! I love it. The employees are nice and your bathrooms are incredibly clean. I’ve never seen anything like that in my life and I’m 63 years old! I do a lot of driving and traveling. You guys have a good thing going here. Thank you!”
Hacienda Store Customer     June 2018

“I just visited the Chevron station in Livermore. The one on vineyard near Ruby Hills. The gas prices were actually cheaper than others in the surrounding area. I was told there is new ownership. I’m glad! Cox Family Stores has a great reputation in the area. Thank you for taking over this location. It needed your family.” 
Ruby Hill Chevron at Piazza Rubino Customer     June 2018 

“Your cashier Edith is doing a terrific job at Alcosta Shell in Dublin. I’m a regular customer and she’s terrific. Great customer service. Thank you!”
Alcosta Shell Customer     June 2018

“I was really impressed with your store! It was so clean and had lovely soft music playing amd positive imagery on the T.V’s The bathrooms were clean and well cared for. The products were displayed nicely around the store. Just the fact that I am taking time to comment on a gas station store kind of says it all! Thank you for caring about the customers experience, it truly made a difference !”
Happy CFS Customer      June 2018

“I’ve been going to this gas station for years! I experience excellent service, always clean and the workers are friendly and polite. Edith and her shift partner are the best. I leave this gas station with a smile on my face.”
Alcosta Shell Customer      June 2018 

“Im very happy Cox Family Stores just took over the Chevron Station at the corner of Vineyard and Isabel. This is outstanding news! Gas prices have been lowered and the store looks fabulous. It’s clean and inviting. It was terrible before and I avoided going to this station. You now have a happy customer. Thank you!”
Ruby Hill Chevron at Piazza Rubino Customer      June 2018 

“Hi, I just wanted to make a comment about your facility in Dublin. Wow, is the first thing I thought of when I walked into your beautiful store. It’s awesome! It was pleasant to see after a long hard drive. Thank you!” 
 Hacienda Shell Customer  May 2018

“This service location is amazing! All the customer service representatives are professional, courteous, respectful and very responsive to customer needs. They work hard and efficiently. And I have a very positive experience when I go to that particular site, as it is near to my home. The best experience I’ve had in dealings with customer service has been with Najma. She is the best. She always makes me feel welcomed and she is extremely professional and friendly. There is also another young man that I see in early mornings that is also wonderful. Unfortunately, I do not recall his name. He is terrific. Thank you very much for your favorable and convenient location.”
San Ramon Shell Customer   May 2018

“I always come to this location and the staff and specially Kamela is wonderful. they always greet you and try there best to make sure you leave happy. they are never standing around doing nothing. they make sure everything is stocked up and ready to go. I always enjoy coming to this location for there service and kindness. Great staff and great service.”
Fallon Chevron Customer    May 2018

“Hi, I just wanted to send a comment about your store at the gas station located in Dublin, CA at Hacienda Crossing.  I was in there yesterday, on my way to an A’s game, and wanted to let you know how beautiful that store was.  I absolutely love the layout and how you’ve made it seem much more than a convenience store (one that includes healthy food options/fresh produce) and provides a really nice market style shopping experience.  The restrooms were also in immaculate condition. You’ve definitely got the right idea! Thanks.”
Hacienda Shell Customer  April 2018

“I have stopped by twice at this store and want you to know how great the store is. The employees are friendly. The store is so roomy and nicely arranged with a large beverage selection. Mostly, it has the cleanest restrooms. I have never seen restrooms that have such nice touches like modern tiling, decorated tissue box, disinfectant dispenser, etc. Thank you!”
Hacienda Store Customer   April 2018

 “I just have to complement you.  This is the nicest Shell station I have ever been in.  Thank you!”
Hacienda Shell Customer  March 2018

“I would like to acknowledge Annie who works at Santa Rita Shell in Pleasanton. I’ve been a customer for a long time and Annie is exemplary. She’s very conscientious about her customer service. Even when the line is long, she personalizes the experience with each customer. She deserves recognition. Annie does an excellent job.”
Santa Rita Shell Customer  March 2018

‘The restroom is the cleanest I’ve seen in 10+ years. I stop often because I know it’s always going to be a pleasant experience. Thank you! “
Alcosta Shell Customer   March 2018

“Store looks great. Thank you. Anytime I’m near Dublin, I’ll stop by and grab a soda. Your effort is appreciated.”
Happy Customer  March 2018

“I’ve been in your station at Hacienda Shell a few times and I went in there again today. It was just fabulous! It’s the cleanest bathroom I’ve ever seen in a gas station off the highway and the store is so neat. Everything is stacked so perfectly and there’s a waterfall bubble art display in the middle of the store that really adds a lot of ambience. It’s so refreshing to go somewhere off the highway that is immaculately clean and pleasant. I don’t normally leave reviews but I just want you to keep doing what you’re doing. Thank you!”
Hacienda Shell Customer   March 2018

” I stopped at your Hacienda Shell location in Dublin after shopping at Babies R Us for a few things.
I stopped in to get gas, and decided to use the restroom as I still had a long commute home from the Bay Area to Manteca, CA. I’ll have to say that from the moment I walked into the store I noticed that it was super clean and smelled amazing! I headed to the restroom and a gentleman was just coming out with a clipboard and pen as if he had just checked the restroom for it’s cleanliness. The bathroom was indeed clean and well stocked! I decided to buy a drink and a snack while I was in there. The counter staff was friendly and quick. I really loved the huge bubbling water feature in the store. It was a welcomed site and relaxing to watch.
Thumbs up to all the greatness this gas station and store has to offer! Thank you!” 
Hacienda Shell Customer  March 2018

“We came through your Fallon Chevron in Dublin the other day and I just want to compliment you people on doing such a great job! The bathroom was beautiful and the store was elegant. It had all the fun things to buy and impulse items but I must say going into the restroom was amazing. Besides being very clean, it looked like a restroom from a hotel in New York! And the cashiers were very kind and friendly too. This is a positive message on how well your doing and we’ll definitely be back for another visit when we come back through this area again. Great job!” 
Fallon Chevron Customer  March 2018

“Nicest gas station poop I’ve ever taken. I will stop here again!”
Tahoe City Shell Customer  March 2018

“I was really impressed with your restroom.  It was the best I’ve ever seen.  And, the artwork is really cool!  You just don’t see stuff like that in a convenience store.”

Hacienda Store Customer   March 2018

“We visited your store on 2/26/18 and found it to be a very pleasant stop.  It may become a regular stop for us between the Central Sierras and the Bay area.  The bathroom was also beautiful and clean!  Thank you!”
Fallon Chevron Customer   March 2018

“I think your store is awesome and the remodel looks good. Keep up the good job!”
Hacienda Shell  Customer   March 2018

“Hi,I just wanted to share my experience of what a really nice and clean store this was. I was very impressed by how well kept the bathroom was, especially the nicely scented perfume. Please keep up the good job”
Fallon Chevron Customer   March 2018

“I stopped unexpectedly for gas on my way to work this morning. It was 2am. I stopped at your location off Hacienda in Dublin because it was familiar to me. Beyond having been there for gas, I had never ventured into the station’s storefront. I was more than pleasantly surprised when i found it well lit, EXTREMELY clean (the floors had just been scrubbed, with the appropriate warning signs out).
I used the restroom and found it clean, fully stocked, and very pleasantly decorated. The TWO men that were in attendance were courteous and efficient in what they were doing. I felt safe AND protected in their presence.
Thank you for providing me a safe and comfortable stop on my way to work!”
Hacienda Shell Customer  February 2018

“Amazing. Perfect.”
Happy CFS Customer February 2018

“Hello- just wanted to make sure you knew what a sweet, professional woman you have working the register at Alcosta Shell. I stop here to get my morning coffee mainly because it’s such a pleasure to get such friendly service and the coffee tastes so good at your place. Thank you.”
Alcosta Shell Customer  February 2018

“My family and I just stopped by Truckee Shell and Jose was awesome! And I loved the bathrooms… thank you!”
Truckee Shell Customer  December 2017

An East Bay resident, I very much appreciate how the Cox family manages and operates their locations. I typically visit the San Ramon (Crow Canyon), Dublin (Alcosta) and occasionally the Dublin Hacienda location.  The consistency is always there:

  • The bathrooms are always clean.
  • The Clerks always friendly. 
  • The Car wash towels allow me to keep our cars clean w/o the need to go anywhere else! The clean floor mats with company logo always represent the family name well!

Thank you!
CFS Customer  November 2017

My daughter is a professional photographer and her work takes us from Reno to Tahoe often.  Because of our frequent trips we find that we always stop at your Chevron in Kings Beach.  We have other choices however we always find your store clean, well stocked, perfect restrooms and with the most amazing and friendly employees. We were there just last night and I found your card asking “How you are doing”…..  I couldn’t resist replying.  We had just finished being assisted by Ginny and Joe and once again received amazing customer service.
We will continue to support your business!  
Kings Beach Chevron Customer  November 2017

“I was in Fremont for business today and bought gas at Hopyard Shell. I went in to buy snacks and use the restroom. I was dreading it because sometimes gas station restrooms are super gross. Instead, I was pleasantly surprised it was in really clean condition. Thank you! “
Hopyard Shell Customer  November 2017

“I walked into the bathroom at the Truckee Shell station without knowing it was one of the Cox Family Shell stations and marveled at the nice bathroom. I saw the card “how are we doing.”  I swear, the Best Bathroom Ever! I usually dread using service station bathrooms but Cox Family Stores always exceeds my expectations. Thank you!”
Truckee Store Customer  August 2017

“Immaculate, orderly, and well appointed! This is the cleanest high quality restroom I’ve ever seen. By far the best in a gas service station. Thank you!”
Fallon Chevron Customer August 2017

“I just wanted to email in and tell you about the experience I had at your station. The staff was very friendly and did their jobs quickly to help keep the line moving. The pump at the station worked great, which might be something people take for granted, but I travel for work and more often then not I see stations with pumps closed. The store and pumps were both very clean and easy to navigate. The setup of the store doesn’t feel cluttered like a lot of convenience stores do. The bathrooms are the reason I decided to write a review. They are immaculate! Keep doing what you’re doing!”
Happy Fallon Chevron Customer August 2017

“I continue to be impressed by the neat, clean, and friendly environment present in every one of your stores that I visit.  Please keep up the excellent job – your stores are clearly a standout in the convenience/fuel store world and all the other brands could learn something from you.”
 CFS Customer August 2017

“I love the cleanliness and decor of your facility in Dublin. It’s a really cool Chevron! I’ve never been to one like it before. Thank you.”
Fallon Store Customer      August 2016

“Your store in San Ramon looked very neat and organized, your attendant was calm and pleasant, and I was impressed by the cleanliness of your bathroom . I don’t think I’ve ever experienced such organization when it comes to an establishment that presumably has a higher-than-average foot traffic. And then your business card inviting comments/concerns was clearly positioned on a clean table in the bathroom – nice touch and definitely symbolizes going the extra mile to keep high standards of service. Thank you! We will remember this and visit your locations when in the area.” 
San Ramon Store Customer       August 2016

“Thank you for a very clean restroom! It was exceptional!”
Alcosta Shell customer     July 2016

“Hello! I just left your Dublin Chevron location and I would like to say that I am just stunned at the cleanliness and comfort of the bathroom! I really appreciated it. Keep up the great and fantastic work! Great service at the front too! Thank you!”
Fallon Store Customer      July 2016

“It’s been a while since we visited your store in Tahoe City but I just want to let you know your employees were excellent helpers. I haven’t seen that kind of human kindness in a while and I just wanted to share that with you. I really appreciated their help.”
Tahoe City Store Customer     July 2016

“Best gas station bathroom in Dublin! It’s like a spa bathroom! Amazing!”
Fallon Store Customer     June 2016

“I made a quick stop for gas at your Shell station off Hopyard Road in Pleasanton today. I used the restroom and was blown away at the cleanliness and cheeriness inside! I simply had to email and let you know I was very impressed! That doesn’t normally happen in a gas station restrooms. Thank you for making my stop in Pleasanton an extremely pleasant one!”
Hopyard Store Customer      June 2016

“In response to your “How are we doing?” card I want to congratulate you and thank you for the clean, nicely decorated, and good smelling bathroom at your Tahoe City location. In my 63 years this is probably the nicest gas station bathroom I have ever used and your employees are exceptionally friendly. Thank you!”
Tahoe City Store Customer      May 2016

“I make the drive from Berkeley to Santa Monica and back about once a month so I have seen my share of service station bathrooms — yours is SO much nicer than any I have ever seen! In fact, it’s nicer than many restrooms in restaurants!!”
Fallon Store Customer     May 2016

“I have never stopped in Dublin before but this last trip had me in traffic in that section so I stopped for gas at the Chevron on Fallon Road. I am very glad I did! I picked up one of your cards which I will keep in my car so I can make a point of stopping at CFS locations whenever I am in the areas.”
Fallon Store Customer     May 2016

“I just wanted to let you guys know your employees are doing a great job. Your bathroom was very well kept and clean. When I saw the business cards I knew I had to let you know how much I appreciate the great service and clean bathroom. Keep it up!”
Hopyard Store Customer       March 2016

“Thank you for providing a nice clean restroom. I stopped by your Chevron in Dublin after a long drive and the clerk was nice and friendly. Many thanks!”
Fallon Store Customer       March 2016

“I was at the Dougherty store in Dublin. It was a clean restroom which is hard to find.  I will look for Cox Family locations from now on. Thank you!”
Dougherty Store Customer       March 2016

“I’m really not the type to comment on much. But…I just had to take the time out for this. I work in Pleasanton and I stopped at your Chevron off the Fallon Road exit to use the bathroom. And…I must say that is…. by far the most beautiful gas station bathroom I’ve ever been in. You feel like your at a five star hotel when you step in there. The décor is just lovely and its always clean. Whoever put the thought into designing that bathroom must have a lot of pride in themselves and others. Thank you for such a wonderful experience.”
Fallon Store Customer     February 2016 

“I want to complement your clean facility and your restroom was very nice. Thank you!”
Dougherty Road Customer     February 2016 

“I came across this Chevron gas station because I had to pump gas after eating at the plaza nearby and I must say it had to be the cleanest gas station I have ever been to. I didn’t get to take a walk around the store but I did step foot into the restroom. I have  never been so amazed by a restroom. It was identical to a hotel restroom. It was clean, had a great fragrance to it and looked beautiful.”

“As I was in there looking around I told myself “I really have to make a yelp review about this place and give them 5 stars,” but came across this card and decided to tell you guys personally about my experience. 2760 Fallon Rd has the best gas station restroom ever!!”

“Thank you for keeping it in such a great condition!”
Fallon Store Customer     February 2016 

“Just wanted to let you know your ladies restroom at Your Fallon Chevron is the nicest gas station restroom I’ve ever been in!”
Fallon Store Customer     February 2016

“I visit your Alcosta store in the mornings because I love your coffee. It’s always fresh and tastes great!! Thank you for serving high quality coffee.”
Alcosta Store Customer     January 2016

“I am a loyal customer at your Store in Pleasanton on Hopyard Road. Your product selection is outstanding. Lots of healthy choices and unique products. I always want to complement your cashiers. They are friendly and helpful. Thank you for your efforts!”
Hopyard Customer     January 2016 

“I was just in one of your stores in Pleasanton. I could not believe how beautiful the store is. How refreshing and classy!The restroom is amazing. Thank you for elevating the standard. It really stands out in today’s world!”
Hopyard Store Customer      December 2015

“That was the nicest gas station bathroom I’ve ever been in. Also, I liked the music choice for the store. Great job!”
Fallon Store Customer     December 2015

“Just wanted to let you know your ladies restroom is the nicest gas station restroom I’ve ever been in. Thank you!”
Fallon Store Customer     November 2015

“I just wanted you to know this was one of the nicest bathrooms and stations I have visited. I can’t wait to return. Keep up the good work!”
Fallon Store Customer     November 2015

“I wanted to say thank you for the messages of positiveness on the screens at the pumps. It’s appreciated and I enjoyed in it. Thank you!”
Fallon Store Customer     October 2015

“I was so impressed with the decorations and cleanliness of the restroom at your Chevron station. It exceeded all my expectations. I was stuck in traffic driving home to Sacramento and it was such a relief to stop at such a beautiful station. Thank you!”
Fallon Store Customer     October 2015

“I was serviced by Paul at the Shell on Hacienda Drive and he is so friendly, patient, and kind! I have really enjoyed seeing the staff at Hacienda Drive. The store is also very large, well-stocked, clean, and well-lit. It feels very different from any other gas station convenience store I’ve ever been to. I like how it stocks local small snacks other than the typical beef jerky and Lay’s brands. Great store!!”
Hacienda Store Customer     September 2015

“The cleanest convenience store/restroom I’ve been in. Thank you.”
Hopyard Store Customer    September 2015

“I enjoyed you wonderful station and store. I couldn’t believe how different and amazing your store was. While fueling I felt safe, secure, and relaxed. I enjoyed going into your store. WOW is all I can say!”
Fallon Store Customer      August 2015

“I shopped at your gas station and the cashier who attended me provided excellent service . He gave courteous service with a smile. Please pay my heartiest good wishes to the this employee. Thanks.”
San Ramon Store Customer      August 2015

“We stopped at your Dublin store on our way to BART. I was astounded by the cleanliness of the place, especially the bathroom. I was also inspired by the video that was on the big screen. I so wish most gas stops were as carefully organize and well-maintained. Thank you for valuing us, the customers.”
Fallon Store Customer     July 2015

“I visited your store back in August and I wanted to write you say THANK YOU for having such a beautiful and clean location. The bathrooms were incredible and it really made stopping at this location such a treat! You guys should be the new standard! I drove from San Diego and hit several convience stores and nothing else compared! Thanks again!”
Fallon Store Customer     July 2015

“I have been going to the Santa Rita location for years and although all employees are very nice, day after day Annie has always had a smile and provides fantastic customer service across the board. These are people you should look to keep and take care of in you business. Thanks Annie for always brightening my day!”
Santa Rita Store Customer     June 2015

“We stopped at your store in Dublin California and it was the cleanest restroom I have ever visited!  Keep up the good work!”
Fallon Store Customer     June 2015

“I just visited your Fallon Chevron in Dublin. I was totally blown away! Thank you!”
Fallon Store Customer      May 2015

“I would like to compliment you establishment! This is by far the nicest Chevron that I have ever been to. Your restrooms are fabulous and I was impressed with the overall inventory of good food choices. Thank you very much for the great effort and money you have invested to make this place what it is! Awesome!”
Fallon Store Customer      May 2015

“Thank you so much for having clean a restroom at your Alcosta Store. I really appreciate it. Cleaner than the employee Drug Store (drug store name withheld) restroom. Thanks again!”
Alcosta Store Customer      April 2015

“I don’t usually comment on the cleanliness of stores I frequent but, I felt the need to let you know how well you keep you gas station in Tahoe City.  I’ve never been in a restroom and gas store as well kept as this one.  I will ONLY stop at your store for now on…you have a customer for life. Thank you for thinking of your customers.”
Tahoe City Store Customer       April 2015

“I stopped to use the restroom at your Hopyard location and I was blown away by the nicest restroom I’ve ever seen at a gas station. It was so clean and updated. Keep up the great work!”
Hopyard Store Customers    April 2015

“Your lovely employee who works in the morning at Dougherty Shell is so nice!  The bathrooms are clean too. Thank you!”
Dougherty Store Customer     April 2015

“Excellent restrooms!  My boyfriend and I just left your Santa Rita location. I’m very reluctant to use any public restrooms, but yours shocked me. Very nice, well decorated, smelled amazing but most importantly clean clean clean. Thank you!”
Santa Rita Store Customer      April 2015

“I go to your store located on Santa Rita everyday. I like the location and especially the service. The employees are very friendly and remember the details of my order which makes things easier and faster. They are helpful and professional. I really appreciate your facility! Thank you.”
Santa Rita Store Customer     April 2015

“I had the pleasure of going into your Fallon Chevron. It was quite pleasant and very refreshing. We need more places like this. Thank you!”
Fallon Store Customer      May 2015

“I want to give you praise for your Fallon Chevron in Dublin. It didn’t feel anything like a gas station. It was modern and beautiful. It was quite an experience and the nicest station I’ve ever seen! Great job!”
Fallon Store Customer       May 2015

“I was traveling with my family and stopped at your Chevron. It is the best I’ve ever seen. The store was beautifully stocked,there was a great selection of items,and the restroom was amazing. I felt like I was in someone else’s home. I enjoyed my shopping, as there were items I normally don’t see traveling on the road, especially for my child. I felt welcomed. Great coffee! I’m from Monterey County so it was nice to see Carmel Roasting Co. The details in your store amazed me. Thank you for making my road trip even better, and providing a clean place for my child.”
Fallon Store Customer      March 2015

“This afternoon I visited your Alcosta store in Dublin. You have the cleanest and best decorated restroom I’ve ever been in.  I wish my bathroom at home looked as nice and was as clean. Keep up the great work. Thank you!”
Alcosta Store Customer     March 2015

“I’m 85 years old. I don’t drive anymore. I like your new store so much that I took a taxi to come buy some items and to visit your friendly cashiers.”
Fallon Store Customer  March 2015

“Your new Fallon Chevron is the best gas station that I’ve seen in my life, and believe me, I’ve seen a lot.”
Fallon Store Customer    March 2015

“I just wanted to say thank you for doing a great job maintaining your restrooms. I am a frequent customer at your San Ramon location.Your restrooms are maintained well. Keep up the great work!”
San Ramon Store Customer      February 2015

“I stopped by the Hopyard store in Pleasanton to use the bathroom. So very impressed! It was clean! Plenty of everything that you need and smelled so good!! I hate using bathrooms in public because they are dirty. This one needed praise!! Thank you for a clean restroom.”
Hopyard Store Customer      February 2015

“Your employee Erika spoke to every customer when they entered the store. She also was very efficient on the register. The bathroom was really clean and well stocked and it was lunch time. The “How are we Doing?” cards in the restrooms are a good idea. Thanks for caring about your customers!”
Hacienda Store Customer     February 2015

“Your Fallon Chevron Station is very nice and the people are so friendly. I salute them all! Keep up the good work!”
Fallon Store Customer      February 2015

“The women’s restroom at your Fallon Chevron store is awesome! It’s beautifully decorated and very clean. I really appreciate your efforts. Thank you!”
Fallon Store Customer      February 2015

“The restrooms at your Alcosta Store in Dublin are sparkling clean and inviting. They are remarkably well appointed, well stocked, and beautiful. Thank you!”
Alcosta Store Customer     February 2015

“My husband and I have stopped at the Alcosta location several times to gas up and use the restroom while on our travels. We had to rent a big diesel truck for a tradeshow we were going to in Sacramento, and we were thrilled to see you had “diesel mitts” to keep it from getting on your hands, as well as hand cleaner in a handy dispenser right by the pump! The bathroom is always beautifully clean. Thank you so much for the care and attention you put into every detail to make your customers comfortable. We really appreciate it!”
Alcosta Store Customer     February 2015

“I am so appreciative of how clean you keep your store! Bathroom was so pleasant! I have never cared to comment on things like this – maybe my experience has always been the same… but not this time. Thank you for caring!”
Fallon Store Customer      February 2015

“Wow, what a gas station! This place is beautiful.”
Fallon Customer     January 2015

“This is the most amazing gas station I’ve ever seen in my life!”
Fallon Customer     January 2015

“I work at Sprint. When I heard they were building a gas station here, I was praying it would be a Chevron! I’m so happy you’re open. Thank you.”
Fallon Customer     January 2015

“This place is “kick ass!” I’ve never seen a Chevron like this before.”
Fallon Customer     January 2015

“Congratulations on opening your new Cox Family Store. I shop your other locations and I’m really happy this store is a Chevron. You guys do a great job. I always know I will get friendly service and your restrooms are off the charts clean. Thank you for being the best!”
Fallon Customer      January 2015

“I stopped by your Hopyard store this morning to use the bathroom. I was very impressed! It was clean! Plenty of everything that you need and smelled so good!!! I hate using bathrooms in public places because they are dirty. This one needed praise!! Thank you for a clean bathroom!”
Hopyard Store Customer     January 2015

“I got so excited when I saw that this new Chevron was going to be a Cox Family Store! I live in Dublin and go to all your locations. I have now met the whole family. Can I take a selfie with you?”
Fallon Customer      January 2015

“Wow, your Fallon Store is like a Farmers Market! Lots of healthy choices and variety of snacks. It’s a really nice store. Give it 5 stars!”
Fallon Customer      January 2015

“Nicest restroom I’ve ever seen at a Chevron. You’ve got to see it to believe it!”
Fallon Customer      January 2015

“It is very nice being greeted and welcomed by the owner while pumping gas at your new Chevron- especially on a Sunday, when you should be home watching football.” 
Fallon Customer     January 2015

”I wanted to say how much I appreciated the clean bathroom at your Hacienda Store. It was very clean, well stocked and even smelled good! The shelf in the corner to place belongings was very convenient too. Thank you for providing such a nice facility! It was a great surprise while on the road.”
Hacienda Store Customer     January 2015

“Clean restroom and polite clerks! Thanks!”
Hopyard Store Customer     January 2015

“I just wanted to acknowledge your lovely, clean bathroom at your Alcosta store in Dublin. I have never visited a gas station bathroom that was so clean and inviting. Thank you for the effort you put into making your customers happy!”
Alcosta Store Customer     January 2015

“We’ve been stopping here for years; it’s our favorite stop! We appreciate your clean facility and friendly staff. Thank you.”
Truckee Store Customer     December 2014

“I live in Danville but drive to your store in Dublin just to use your car wash. It does an excellent job of cleaning my car and I appreciate the towels provided. Thank you.”
Alcosta Store Customer     December 2014

“Is this store owned by a local family? Who is Cox Family Stores? I used to go to 7/11 for coffee and Arco for gas but once I came here, I found it to be the best Shell Station ever. Your store is beautiful, your restrooms are perfect, and your coffee tastes great. Now I come here all the time. Thank you!”
Alcosta Store Customer     December 2014   

“Air free! Bathroom free! Microwave free! Hand sanitizer free! Love you guys! It’s a good deal.”
Hacienda Store Customer     December 2014     

“Your coffee is yummy and fresh! Thank you!”
Dougherty Store Customer     November 2014

“Nicest restroom I have ever seen. I felt like I was walking into a fancy restaurant’s restroom. Thank you!”
Hopyard Store Customer     November 2014

“You have very good coffee! It tastes delicious and very fresh. Did you just brew it?”
San Ramon Store Customer     November 2014

“We are always traveling to many different places and using restrooms, but we have never seen this kind of super clean restroom. Great job!”
San Ramon Store Customer     November 2014

“I always get coffee here! I love the Carmel Columbian Coffee –  and it’s Organic! I can’t find it anywhere else except in Carmel.”
Hopyard Store Customer     November 2014

“We passed through your station during the night and I really appreciated your clean restroom. Thank you!”
Santa Rita Store Customer    November 2014

“I received great customer service at your Alcosta Store. The evening cashier was very friendly and helpful. Thank you!”
Alcosta Store Customer     October 2014

“Your restrooms are amazing! You have set the bar very high–WAY TO GO!!!”
Multi Store Customer      October 2014

“On Oct 14, 2014, I was returning home from Oakland airport at 11:30pm and my mother-in-law needed to quickly stop for a restroom break.  Jack was on duty at the Pleasanton Santa Rita location and he was very friendly and helpful. Your restrooms were very amazing, and I just wanted to drop you a note to let you  know how impressed I was with the facilities and your staff! Thanks!”
Santa Rita Store Customer     October 2014

“I’ve been a customer for over 15 years and I just wanted to give you and your employees praise for doing such a great job. Hats off to you! The way you do business shows that you really care. Thank you!”
Hacienda Store Customer      October 2014

“I was just at your Dougherty location in Dublin, and I just wanted to let you know that you have the nicest bathroom I have ever seen in a gas station!  It was clean and well decorated. Thank you so much!”

Dougherty Store Customer     September 2014

“I’ve been driving for 51 years, and I’ve never seen free Diesel Mitts offered on the islands. You guys are doing a great job. Thank you!”
Alcosta Store Customer     September 2014

“I just wanted to say that your stores are so well maintained and have the nicest look to them. I think your restrooms are amazing. Best I have ever seen at any location. Good job!”
Multi Store Customer     September 2014

“I was just at your Dougherty location in Dublin, and I just wanted to let you know that you have the nicest bathroom I have ever seen in a gas station!  It was clean and well decorated. Thank you so much!”
Dougherty Store Customer     September 2014

“I’ve been driving for 51 years, and I’ve never seen free Diesel Mitts offered on the islands. You guys are doing a great job. Thank you!”
Alcosta Store Customer     September 2014

“I just wanted to say that your stores are so well maintained and have the nicest look to them. I think your restrooms are amazing. Best I have ever seen at any location. Good job!”
Multi Store Customer     September 2014

We were in Tahoe last week and stopped at your Truckee station. Wanted to let you know how clean and organized everything was. Thanks!”
Truckee Store Customer    August 2014

“My boyfriend and I are on a long drive and stopped to use the restroom. It’s so clean and beautiful! We’ve stopped at a lot of restrooms and yours is by far the nicest and cleanest restroom I’ve seen. Thanks so much!”
Alcosta Store Customer   August 2014

“Your restroom at your Tahoe City Store was wonderful. It was very clean and well equipped. I really appreciated it. Thank you very much!”
Tahoe City Store Customer    August 2014

“I just wanted to tell you guys what a nice station you have. We just went to your Santa Rita location and it’s a really nicely run and clean station. The cashiers were very friendly and it looks great, especially the food store. You guys are doing a great job. I wish all Shell stations were as nice as yours! Thank you!”
Santa Rita Store    August 2014

“I stopped into your Alcosta store in Dublin, and I was very impressed! Your restrooms were immaculate and the rest of your store was very clean too. Even the outside area where I pulled my car to check the air pressure on my tires was clean. You all deserve a big commendation. Well done!”
Alcosta Store Customer    August 2014

“I was so impressed with your Store when we stopped in for gas. Thank you!”
San Ramon Store Customer      July 2014

“I was at your Hopyard location with my Dad today to get a car wash and Julio was very helpful and kind to us. We really appreciated it and wanted to let you know he is a valuable employee. Thank you.”
Hopyard Store Customer    July 2014

While traveling through Dublin today, we exited off the freeway and pulled into your station at Hacienda Crossings. Your store was beautiful and well organized. Your staff was polite and friendly. Best of all, your restroom was very clean. I was impressed! Thank you!”

Hacienda Store Customer     July 2014

“I wanted to give you praise for this location. I had a great experience! Thank you.”
Hopyard Store Customer    July 2014

“‘I’m calling to let you know Chona at your Hacienda store is a charm. I received excellent customer service. Thank you!”
Hacienda Store Customer     July 2014

From Our Voice Mail
Hi, I am calling about the Dublin California Store on Hacienda Dr. I just wanted to give you a praise of good availability and service of this location. Thank You!
Dublin Store Customer     July 2014

From Our Voice Mail
“I wanted to call and complement you on the cleaners and neatness and even friendliness of the whole area there. I just wanted to thank you very much”
Dublin Store Customer     June 2014

From Our Voice Mail
“I am Calling just to compliment one of your stores.  Particularly the restrooms.  I was getting gas, on Hopyard and Owens I believe.  It was really so clean, normally I would kind of hesitate to go in a restroom of a gas station but it was really well maintained .  The store was great and the restroom was really complimentary worth, not just “so-so”.  I wanted to make sure you were aware.  Thank You”
Hopyard Store Customer     June 2014

“I was recently at your location in Dublin at Hacienda Crossings. This was by far the BEST experience I have ever had at a gas station store.  Congratulations! The bathroom was unbelievable, and the selection of products was amazing. I enjoyed showing my teenage daughters the Hostess snacks that i used to eat when i was their age! The orange cupcakes! I had no idea those still existed! I’ll be back another time without the girls, to indulge myself.

Thanks and keep it up!”
Hacienda Store Customer     June 2014

“I travel to the Pleasanton area for work and have stopped in two of your stores–Hacienda Crossing and Hopyard Road.  They both have been clean and the staff very nice to me.  I like your coffee.  Just wanted to pass it along that I appreciate what they do.”

Hacienda Store Customer      May 2014

“I would like to comment on your store located on San Ramon Valley Blvd/Alcosta in Dublin. I am an avid cyclist and stopped to use the restroom today. It was absolutely pristine! It is rare to see this and I was VERY impressed. Don’t know that I have ever picked up a card to express something like this but kudos to your staff for the attention to detail. Way to go! Keep up the good work, I appreciate a clean restroom!”

Alcosta Store Customer      May 2014

“I visited your facility on the corner of Dougherty Rd/Dublin Blvd a few days ago. Just wanted to say awesome job! I’ve been to many gas station bathrooms in my life and I have to say this is the cleanest I’ve EVER been to. Kudos to you guys, you have a life time customer.
Dougherty Store Customer      March 2014

“I work a block away from your Hopyard location and always look forward to walking over for a soda or a snack. Julio is friendly and moves the line efficiently. He even special ordered my favorite soda for me. It’s nice to have a friendly bodega on the corner!”
Hopyard Store Customer     February 2014

“The restrooms at the Alcosta Store are the cleanest, nicest restrooms I’ve ever seen in a gas station and I travel a lot. Good job!!”
Alcosta Store Customer      December 2013

“I visited your Hacienda location and wanted to let you know it was by far the best experience I’ve ever had at a gas station. Thank you so much!”
Hacienda Store Customer      December 2013

“I’m a regular customer at several of your stores and I can really tell a difference between your stores and other stores. Your stores are fantastic! Your store is always clean and I receive good customer service. Keep up the good work!”
Loyal Multi Store Customer      November 2013

“I just wanted to write to tell you what a fantastic organization you have. We were passing through Dublin when we needed to fill up and stopped at your store. It was clean and friendly. I was impressed with the restrooms. It looks like the store owners care about the condition of their stores. You just do not see that often these days, so I thought I would take the time to write to you. We make a Sacramento – Santa Cruz trip often and will definitely favor your store on our future trips.”
Dublin Store Customer     November 2013

“Your wonderful, clean restrooms are the reason I always try to get my gas at your station! Thank you for such a high standard of service.”
Hacienda Store Customer     October 2013

“The bathroom is immaculate!”
Tahoe City Store Customer     October 2013

“I stopped at your Hacienda Store and wanted to let you know that I was pleasantly surprised at how clean the restroom was. I have never seen a gas station restroom as clean as that one. I felt like I was in a luxury hotel. Thank you.”
Hacienda Store Customer     September 2013

Great Service!
“I wanted to let you know that I often stop by your Shell station in Dublin, at the corner of Alcosta Blvd and San Ramon Road.  All of your clerks are always friendly and helpful. I appreciate the great customer service. Thanks!”
Alcosta Store Customer     September 2013

“Thanks for having a clean and pleasant gas station for us tonight. The bathroom was the best I’ve ever seen in a public place.  It was delightful!”
Pleasanton Store Customer     August 2013

“I just wanted to let you know how impressed I was with your location, especially the décor and cleanliness of the restrooms.  I will make it a point to stop at your location(s) when traveling in the future.”
Alcosta Store Customer     June 2013

“Wow, your bathrooms are amazing! What an experience. Loved it, loved it, loved it!”
Alcosta Store Customer     May 2013

“I work in the area and have been a customer since 2007. During the course of the past 6 years, I have been assisted by Julio and I wanted to take a moment to give him some recognition for always being very helpful and friendly. He makes coming in to the store a nice experience. Thank you”
Hopyard Store Customer     April 2013

“I have visited the Pleasanton and Dublin stores many times. Your stores are very clean and attractive. The restrooms are extremely clean and well decorated. Thank you! I am a loyal customer and appreciate your efforts.”
Multi Store Customer     March 2013

“I am calling to let you know that your clerk in Truckee is wonderful. He let me use your microwave to warm up some soup that I brought with me. Many establishments won’t let you do that. Thank you!”
Truckee Store Customer     March 2013

“I just fueled up my car at the Shell service station on the corner of San Ramon Road and Alcosta Blvd. in Dublin. I could not believe the condition of the rest room, as well as the rest of the service station. Without doubt, it is the cleanest, as well as modern, facility I have ever used in a service station. This will be the service station I will be coming back to from now on. And it’s only about three miles from where I live!”
Alcosta Store Customer     February 2013

“Your store is lovely and the restrooms are aesthetic and clean. I love stopping there on my way to wherever I’m headed that day. Thank you for providing a service and facility that is beyond the ordinary.”
Hacienda Store Customer     January 2013

“I have never done this before but I have also never EVER been in a gas station restroom that didn’t make me cringe. In fact I usually avoid at all cost. Today I gassed up at your San Ramon Rd store in Dublin and the restroom was as clean as my own. Spotless! Thank you!”
Alcosta Store Customer     December 2012

“I recently had occasion to visit your Hacienda Drive store as I was on my way to the San Francisco area. While there, I visited the restroom and saw your card asking for feedback.

I just wanted to let you know that the restroom was one of the cleanest and freshest I have ever encountered in a public place and I greatly appreciate the effort being made by your staff in keeping it clean. Thank you for this refreshing experience.

Also, I had my 20-year old grandson with me and noticed that the clerk carded him since he was buying tobacco and I appreciated seeing that your staff was taking responsibility for upholding this law.

All in all, while my stop was brief, it was a pleasure to get such good service and I’m sure this will become a regular stop when I travel to the Bay Area. Thank you again.”
Hacienda Store Customer     December 2012

“I just left your Dougherty Rd location and I got great service from Manual.”
Dougherty Store Customer     December 2012

 “I recently got gas at the San Ramon station. I have to compliment the station for the cleanliness of the restroom and how beautiful the restroom was. I was extremely impressed!”
San Ramon Customer     November 2012

“I stopped at the Alcosta Shell station. The Rest Room was the best I have ever seen in a public place, especially gas stations. Most are filthy. Thank you. I will stop again as I travel from the Peninsula to Tahoe. In fact, I would go out of my way to use your place!”
Alcosta Store Customer     November 2012

“The gentleman that works the afternoon shift at Santa Rita Store in Pleasanton is awesome! Such a nice guy and always tries to up sell me with the carwash options. The bathroom is always immaculate! I will always give this gas station my business.”
Santa Rita Store Customer     November 2012

“This is praise for cashier Manuel at the Dublin station. I drove off without my receipt that had the car wash number I paid for. I was going to use the car wash another day since rain was predicted. About 45 minutes elapsed by the time I returned to the station. Manuel was kind enough get me a copy of my receipt. I was able to use the car wash another day! Thank you!”
Dublin Store Customer     October 2012

“The restrooms at the Shell station on Alcosta and San Ramon Valley Blvd are the cleanest, nicest restrooms I’ve ever seen in a gas station and I travel a lot. Good job!!”
Alcosta Store Customer    October 2012

“I just used the Dublin/Dougherty restroom and I was amazed at how nice and clean it was! Wow… Keep up the good work. No gas station restroom is ever that nice.”
Dougherty Store Customer     August 2012

“Best bathroom I’ve ever used at a public location. Thank you!”
Hacienda Store Customer    July 2012

“I could not believe the condition of the rest room, as well as the rest of the service station. Without doubt, it is the most cleanest, as well as modern, facility I have ever used in a service station. This will be the service station I will be coming back to from now on.”
Alcosta Store Customer    July 2012

“I live in Marin and I was just in your Hacienda store for the first time. I was very impressed. I especially want to shine a spotlight on Regina, one of your cashiers. I thought she was an owner. She takes great pride in making each customer feel that they are very important and providing excellent customer service.”Hacienda Store Customer    June 2012

“Your bathrooms are amazing!!!! Wow. I could eat off the floor. Great job Dublin Shell team!”
Alcosta Store Customer     June 2012

“To my great surprise I found that restroom so clean and inviting I was actually shocked. I am a grandmother of 4 and manage a large shopping center and have never seen anything like that! I had to take one of your cards and thank you in writing. The care you show at your station is truly a cut above excellence.”
Alcosta Store Customer     May 2012

“About once a month I travel from Marin County to Modesto for business. Heading back I invariably stop at your Dublin store and I am always impressed with your selection of snacks and drinks. I know a little bit about convenience stores and I understand that is a lot of product to stock. I just want you to know that I think you have a good approach and I appreciate it.”